What's the BEST Laptop Stand on the Market?

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Most MacBook Pro stands suck! We investigated some of the most popular stands to see if there are any worth your Apple money!

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39 thoughts on “What's the BEST Laptop Stand on the Market?

  1. You've missed this one: http://herculesstands.com/international/products/multimedia/laptop-stands/

    heavy, kinda ugly, but built like a tank and not expensive, check it out

  2. After a lot of reasearch and trying out a few, the roost stand is by far my favorite. It is actually very adjustable and I have no problems with wobbling(What kind of desks do you have to cause so much wobble? Are they made of cardboard?). It also looks much better the Crane stand. Bonus for the portability as well.

  3. The Rain stand does increase cooling due to it's angled position. As opposed to the smaller vertical ones out there where you put the macbook in closed and upright. There the warm air needs to be pushed down. (Doing it upside down, your ports are 'in the air'.) And as we all know, warm arm rises up, thus making the cooling process less optimised.

  4. Thanks I was just about to buy one that you mentioned but wanted to look at some videos on youtube for suggestions and it just so happens to be in your video! so I feel better about picking it up.

  5. I have a cheaper version of the roost. It's called thr Nexstand K2 and I love it, super portable, fits in my locker at work and fits in my bag for when I need it while working in another location.

  6. Hello, maybe someone could clear it for me: is it ok to use a laptop not in the horizontal position, can it damage the fans in a long therm use? Thanks!

  7. I didn't even know Macbook (or other laptop) stands were a thing. I mean, it's a laptop. Why TF would you need a stand?? The Crane was definitely the best one!

  8. I haven't seen this yet but I have a Roost and it's good for traveling but I think I want something that still allows me to get the MacBook Pro closer to my eyes. Which means I want my hands and keyboard to be able to sit under the laptop and with this you cannot do that. I think the ability to get the laptop closer to your eyes should be factor when evaluating these stands.

  9. Nice job Linus. I appreciate you channel. Your last production shot of the curve…..was upside down….(just had to……). You would have, snazzy labs would have….Haha!!

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