Using a 2011 MacBook Pro in 2020.. Still worth it?

Is the 2011 MacBook Pro still worth it in 2020? | Early 2011 MacBook Pro Review in 2020

The 2011 MacBook Pro was my main workhorse for video editing, photo editing, web browsing and even some light gaming for several years, but does it still perform well in 2020? And even if it does, is it a laptop worth buying for the cheap price?

In this 9-years later review, we discuss the 2011 MacBook Pro in terms of design, performance, pricing, who should buy it in 2020 & more! We even briefly compare it side-by-side with the 2019 MacBook Pro 16″.

2011 MacBook Pro RAM:
2011 MacBook Pro SSD: (Another option:
2011 MacBook Pro battery:

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Do you have, or are you looking to buy, a 2011 MacBook Pro? What are your thoughts/concerns?

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29 thoughts on “Using a 2011 MacBook Pro in 2020.. Still worth it?

  1. Hi Brandon. I recently bought a MBP late 2011 i5 4GB Ram. I’m planning on getting upgraded to ssd and 16gb ram. Thank you for this video! It help me finally make a decision haha. I wanted to buy the retina version but I heard that you can’t really do mu upgrades. So since I’m el cheapo I bought the 2011 mbp instead haha

  2. I have the same one, with 8gb of ram but i´m still with a 500gb hdd! It cames with a 320gb but I change it many years ago. thinking on upgrading to an ssd now. It´s not my primary MacBook but sometimes me and mi wife use it.

  3. I use mine pretty much every single day. I do not like mac os so I don't run it but I do however love the hardware of it! the trackpad and keyboard are very good. I just really need to upgrade from 4gb of ram, I run linux and it's still screaming with basic tasks.

  4. I‘m from Germany! I‘m in high school and I like your video a lot! I bought me a MacBook Pro 2011 for only 289€ thank you for the nice video 🙂

  5. Because there isnt such an option, imma comment about mine. I got a 2007 black macbook but in 2018. Late 2018. It was fine until i hard reset it and it wouldnt load the os. The northbridge died. I got it fixed but it was stuck on 10.4.11 and i accidentaly deleted the os files (dont ask me how). I finally loaded 10.7.5 a few days ago and then the display cable started malfunctioning. If the screen is set to specific angles it has lines or freezes and fades to white. I am typing on it right now but im hoping to get a 2011 pro soon.

  6. I wouldn’t change my 2015 MacBook Pro Retina 13’ for the new one tbh. I recently updated the SSD for a bigger one.

  7. I’m having issues w/ my MacBook Pro 2011 ,, I bought way back in 2016 ,, I thought it’d be a good buy , cause it’s only 5 years old . just wanted the goole chrome book ,, I really liked the pretty apple design , wanted to use it for basic things like email and web browsing ,,. And maybe garage band …. I never downloaded the Clean my Mac app,, cause I’m not going to paying monthly on that psssh ,,
    Fast forward to 2019 ,, I held on to polished turd ,, Tried to upgrade it for Christmas . To not run so SLOW and not over heat and shutoff .
    I’ve taken it into Best Buy and installed ssd drive , (or whatever it is ) and it still runs like a dinosaur ,, also heats up ,, like over heats up fans turn,, but it’s already too late ,,, I don’t know why I hold on to the thing ,, probably cause I paid $999 plus tax for it .. now it’s not even worth a third of the coast I paid for it

  8. does anyone else’s laptop over heat so badly like even just having it turned on, not using any websites or apps

  9. I will upgrade the RAM (16gb) and SSD (500gb). Already has new battery from brand Hecker (which performs perfectly as the original). Then I will be set for another couple of years. I just hope Apple still creates updates for it

  10. Apple:the 2011 macbook pro sucks it's useless
    People:you are right apple it's kinda obsolete
    Dosdude1:allow me to introduce myself

  11. Just ordered a 2013 with a 3.3 turbo core i7 processor, 16gb ram, 512gb ssd for music production purposes! Such a beast for its age

  12. I'm watching this video on my 2011 MBP 2 Samsung ssd 16gb of ram. Plugged into a 32 inches display and it's great

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