Upgrading a Mid-2009 White MacBook in 2020! – EveryDayJiaozi

In this video, we upgrade a 2009 MacBook from a Goodwill with more RAM and an SSD.

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15 thoughts on “Upgrading a Mid-2009 White MacBook in 2020! – EveryDayJiaozi

  1. Great content. How is the performance with Catalina installed? I used the patch on my 2010 mac mini and it was a horrible lag.

  2. Hello so what exactly do I have to buy? Please tell me exactly.. So I can purchase whatever I need correctly.. Pretty please🤗

  3. Hi i have late 2006 core 2 duo macbook. And its stuck with snow leopard. So i cant install zoom app on this mac.

    Can those patcher fix that? If can u give me the link?

  4. My brother actually is passing this model to me . What’s the max RAM it get use ? Excited to do my first project/ upgrade !

  5. I have an early 2009 and upgraded the ram to 4GB. It is hard to find a DDR2 nowadays I am glad I found a pair of 2GB for $3. It is still a usable laptop and I edit my videos using that machine. Just a tad slower than yours since mine only got the 2Ghz

  6. First time MacBook user here. How much Ram can I add to this MacBook? Mine is just like yours. Thanks.

  7. a much better user experience would be with linux because most distros use very little system resources

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