Two Years With The Non-Touchbar MacBook Pro

This is the 2016 non-touchbar MacBook pro, the first apple laptop I’ve ever owned for a long period of time. I believe that gives me a unique perspective. And now it’s been two years. How has this thing held up? Does it still meet my needs? Did it break down? Would I recommend its newer versions based on my own experience with this one? Let’s find out with a little discussion.

This isn’t a review of the 2016 MacBook pro, if you want that I’ve made plenty of videos on this machine. I’m here to tell you how it’s held up much like I did a year ago. I feel like this information would be useful for people looking at the newer models or looking at a used model of this. Anyway, let’s dig into it. This MacBook has been my daily driver machine and is worked to death. I abuse the thing, it goes with me everywhere and is used around 6 hours a day, every day. And I mean it. I’m constantly using it. That means it has seen its fair share of drops, having food around it, and even me spiting on it while over video chat once. Ew. Disgusting. My point is, think of everything you could imagine about what happens around a laptop, this has probably been through that.

So first let’s talk about the positives. The laptop build is still practically intact even after falls with it in my backpack. Everything about the MacBook still works fine, the keyboard still types, the speakers still sound good, and the screen looks as great as the day I got it. So, the structure of the device is amazing it’s withstood the test of time, and overall looks to stay that way for a long time. The little rubber feet still look pretty good despite me dragging it around a lot. The MacBook Pro runs almost as well as the day I bought it. I noticed the things I do end up lagging a little more often. Which still isn’t often on day to day tasks. Games don’t run amazing on this thing and if you don’t mind playing things in the lowest graphical settings then light games play fine. Just don’t expect to play your new Call of Duty or something, even on boot camp. You’re crazy. Get a dedicated gaming machine. I edit all of my videos on this machine with FCPX, but my workflow isn’t complex, but your mileage may vary.

There are however, some minor imperfections that appear over time that people may not notice that may end up annoying you. This is a bit nit-picky though. For one your finger oils will transfer over to the keys. Basically, when brand new the keyboard looks matte and clean, after owning it for a while and typing, even with clean hands, the keys get this wet shiny look to it in certain lighting. Nasty but pretty common on laptop keyboards. Okay, fine minor setback, right? Well… the oils also transfer onto the display from the keyboard and create an outline of the keys on it if it’s really dirty, but that at least can be cleaned with a breath of air, microfiber cloth and some water. People do have negative things to say about these older butterfly keyboards, and they do act up. Mine at one point had the v button register more than once every time I pressed it. And on a different occasion, the space bar felt funny when I pressed on it. But those issues sorted themselves out. If that situation scares, you the new 2018 macbook pro and 2018 macbook air solved the keyboard issue.

Plugging in cables into the ports all the time ends up scratching up the area around the port, showing signs of use. Especially if you’re stupid enough to try and plug it into a Nintendo switch dock for experimentation and end up damaging it a little. Who would do that? When you do intense things, like exporting a video, the fans rev up and become hot pretty fast. This used to be pretty uncommon for this machine using FCPX but lately it is getting a bit obnoxious. For daily use, it doesn’t really ever get hot just warm. And my last complaint? Battery. Apple rates their MacBook batteries to lose only 20% capacity after 1000 cycles. That means from 0 to 100, 1000 times. I have around 600 cycles and well… Battery life just feels short. I already lost 20% capacity. Then again, this particular model does have a battery recall, so I really suggest you check that out if you own one, it may improve battery life, and when I turn mine in, I’ll see if it fixes my fast degrading battery as well.

Overall, I’d say this laptop is living a good lifespan. My previous $1000+ laptop failed to function this well after its first two years. So, I’d say this machine has been great up to now, and I can see myself using it for a couple more years before even getting rid of it. It’s been a great machine to me.

Anyway guys, what do you think? Leave that in the comment section down below.


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38 thoughts on “Two Years With The Non-Touchbar MacBook Pro

  1. I’ve owned this model for a year now and recently upgraded to the new iPad Pro 2018 but find myself using my MacBook Pro more. I absolutely love it. I owned the touchbar version for just under 2 weeks and found it distracting so returned for this model. Have had no regrets. Great video.

  2. Your video was helpful but I still don’t know which MacBook Pro to get. I’m twisted between the Touch Bar model and non Touch Bar MacBook Pro. I’ll be using it for studying, editing videos on Final Cut Pro. Can you help me decide? Thanks! 🙏

  3. I have the same model, same amount of time from new.
    I use mine every day as a daily driver and I'm a games programmer. This handles Unity and Visual Studio fine, I'm able to make iOS/Android and low poly/2d PC games fine on it, running in dual-screen mode with an external 1440p monitor.

    Battery I haven't checked for a while as its mostly plugged in these days. Last I checked it was still working well enough.

    Main body, screen etc all as good as new, apart from that spotting mentioned below…..

    Shiny keys, yep. Multi-presses? Nope, works fine for me, luckily.
    I do have some spotting on the lid, I have no idea what it is but it won't come off without scratching the surface. So for the first time ever I put a skin on it. Looks great.

    I may upgrade it to the 2018 MBP with Touch Bar, as the quad core CPU would be beneficial to what I do with it. But the dual core is fine for what it is.

    Overall a good machine that has been very easy to own. Would buy again.

  4. im using this model of mac for 1 year now.. and the thing that most pisses me off is the lack of more usb-c ports… as a dj even using hyperdrive hub, the amount of bandwidth supported by a single usb even 3.1 is not enought when connecting 2 cdjs and a mixer. i simply need more ports for this kind of use. also i wanna mention that this model has only one fan compared to the touch bar that has two fans inside, wich makes this macbook very hot when running high demanding aplications. If youre planing to save money buying the 128gb model, just forget about.. it simply not enought.. it feels so frustrating not having enought memory inside. if i could go back in time i would defnitely wait more to save money and buy a more satisfying model

  5. SOLUTION to the keys is to use the soft brush on a vacuum and vac the keyboard. It will pull out any debri under the kbd and along with a gentle wipe with some damp cloth, your laptop will last a treat. Also if your brave, take the back off and clean the fans with a Qtip and metho & if your adventurous, even put some new cpu thermal paste on it as it will do wonders for cooling and battery life! Toss in the batt replacment and your good for another 2 years until Intel do a die shrink down to 10nm in 2019. So start saving and any good 3rd party service centre can do all this for you too.

  6. 2 years only and doing a long time use video? Come on dude!!! Am having a dell xps 15 from 2011 which is still holding good and can even be used for another 3 years..

  7. Two years is not a long time to own a MacBook Pro. Six or seven years or longer is not unusual for a MacBook Pro. I guess you are very young. My 2012 is still going strong. I do have a 2018 though.

  8. I have this exact model and used the battery replacement program, as my batteries expanded (kind of exploded) inside the laptop. The laptop continued working fine despite these occurrences (6-8 times I've heard some click noises coming from the inside, that's why I end up finding on the internet that it was related to the batteries). Before battery replacement, my batteries would last for 4-6 hours. After the replacement, I can work all day on battery. I am happy now, especially because Apple was giving this fix for free and I didn't have "Apple Care" for this laptop. I am now thinking to upgrade as well, although there are currently not any options for an internal 3TB or 4TB drive on a 13 inch laptop and I don't want to upgrade to the 15 inch due to the size and GPU which I don't need for the work I'm doing. Anyway, I'm still enjoying this laptop and will probably wait a little bit more until something more interesting comes. The new MacBooks 13 inch with 4 cores are great, but as I said, 2TB drive is not enough for me (I currently have 1TB internal and 2TB external and I want to get rid of my external drive completely on the next upgrade). Thanks for the review.

  9. I recently bought the 2017 mbp non-touchbar …..i am in love with that machine 😍 so silent fan.


    If you have used a 2018 13" Core i7 QuadCore Macbook Pro, any bad experiences? Does it get too hot?

    Thank you.

  11. editing looks clean, but your on camera presence could use work. your voice tonality is too try hard (you sound like a wannabe news anchor) and your hand gestures just seemed out of place. I'm guessing you just didnt want to sit there for 6 minutes straight motionless, but the hand motions just didnt match what you were saying. Speaking of not matching, your voice inflections seemed like they came at weird times where they didnt belong.

    otherwise, not too bad. im sure you did better than i could, but just thought i'd share some feedback (i realize you didnt ask for any, but you got some anyway ;p)

  12. I had the TouchBar version, bought a month after launch.

    I liked it but I don’t think it can be used on its own, even the new quad core models don’t have a dedicated GPU and it really ranks the performance.

    And my keyboard started sticking and kinda failing after only 5 months.

  13. my 2011 15 inch (maxed out) is still going, my dedicated gpu is dead but i managed to disable it and only run the HD graphics, it gets hot even with new thermal paste and i normaly when editing or pushing the pc i turn the fans to their max too, its been a good laptop overall, working 8 houres a day, i just edit like two days all my videos and photos and when i go to work i let it rendering 4 videos at the same moment, i travell a lot and the battery is not very good with 1300 cycles aprox. Im considering buyin the new mac with vega gpu. great video bro!!!

  14. i have a 2016 but the 15in….wish apple had a trade in program….do you know of any places that buy these back? I'd love to get the new one with the vega graphics card that just came out!

  15. Hey man big fan of yours from india
    I am considering to buy 2018 air but i confused between this and the 2017 non touchbar
    My needs:-
    Media consumption
    Web browsing
    Social media
    Typing documents

    I feel if i buy pro it'll be more future proof because of the processor but the mac air has a diff feel to it plus its the lastest.

    Please suggest

  16. MacBook Pro 13” 2018 with TouchBar or MacBook Air 2018? (I want to use it for school (programming) and some light 1080p video editing. I also want to be able to use it for 5 years+ Thanks! Nice video btw! 🤩

  17. Hey man I just found your channel today and honestly without looking at your subs I thought you at least had a million. Keep doing what you're doing. I'm starting to watch you from now on 🙂

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