Train possibly belonging to Kim Jong Un spotted in resort town

A special train possibly belonging to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was spotted in one of the country’s resort towns last week, amid conflicting reports about his health and whereabouts.


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31 thoughts on “Train possibly belonging to Kim Jong Un spotted in resort town

  1. How Coronavirus affects US Intelligence Community: they're now playing Where's Waldo with a psychopathic dictator.

  2. have people ever thought that maybe he is social distancing to the extreme? Or he's planning something and wants his whereabouts to remain a secret to protect himself from retaliation

  3. If he’s sick or something I’m sure Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci will fund him money to work on a cure or something…. too soon??

  4. Kim Jong Un is a fat, evil pos, I hope if there is a hell, that he is getting buttfucked and orally sodomized by Satan's big cock.

  5. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the 2 main ‘ underlying medical conditions ‘ that causes covid19 to be a killer for many , . We know he has diabetes and I wouldn’t doubt high blood pressure also and , to me , Kim is most likely being seriously self isolating just because of that …people should remember he is hated by many because of his dictatorship and to intentionally infect this man , say a positive for covid ? He doesn’t forget he’s hated and has many enemies, starting with majority of citizens in NK.

  6. Listen I’ve said this since the beginning he had surgery he took a fucking vacation simple he doesn’t need to let the world know what he does

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