Titan Quest Anniversary/Ragnarok Which class to play with, for beginners!

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Spirit Mastery guide for beginners:

Dream Mastery guide for beginners:

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46 thoughts on “Titan Quest Anniversary/Ragnarok Which class to play with, for beginners!

  1. Actually Runeword: Burn works fine on melee weapons (if you have good Int) because the Burn directly adds to Runeword: Explode's damage.
    The extra fragments only appear on projectiles, but they rarely add much beyond the central AoE other than looking cool.

  2. After Atlantis, my favourite ones are Prophet (Dream + Lightning) and Trickster (Rogue + Runes)

    Prophet's Psionic Beam makes staves the best weapon in the game due to ridiculous firing speed, and dream synergises well with lightning's electric damage modifications from Lightning Nimbus aura, as well as having a good stun option in a form of Ball lightning.

    Trickster has a lot of damage sources that synergize extremely well:
    1. Poison Weapon wrecks early game – attack with trown weapon once and the enemy is dead. Lategame will require resistance reducing weapons, but will do considerable damage nontheless.
    2. Bleeding Wound and Anatomy act as a second poison, further boosting DoT.
    3. Calculated Strike has fantastic synergy with with Runemaster's Two-Weapon Strike – wielding two weapons at once procs this ability like crazy. Add Runemaster's Fury for +44% attack speed if below 40% hp and the damage is ridiculous. Blade Honing increases damage further on Calculated Strike's procs. Also works with dual-wielded thrown weapons!
    4. Poison Grenade gains increased damage from 3'rd ability in Poison Weapon tree. Add Shrapnel to that and Anatomy increases the bleed damage. Atlantis added a new skill to this tree that lets you throw more bombs in random directions within a 180 degree angle at once that stack their damage. If used from afar, it covers wide area. If used point-blank, deals heavy damage. Neat.
    5. Rogue's Blade Storm from Atlantis is weak by default, but procs weapon abilities extremely fast. It's also quite clunky and needs some positioning, but, if done right, melts tough enemies like butter on a pan.

  3. My favourite to use is storm and dream, but I've never tried it out further in the game..

    Also like to point out that I'm much more of a melee player. Usually have a sword or axe in first weapon slot and a bow in my second. I've tried many many mastery combinations and this as well as earth + warfare are my favourites

  4. Hunting is very friendly for starting characters. Herbal Remedy allows some regen between fights(extending your potion supply), and the Defensive Ability passive skill keeps the player from suffering crits. Meanwhile things like Scattershot Arrows or Volley allow for a very good offense that can break most enemies before they even get a chance to attack. It also pairs well with a lot of masteries.

  5. Can anyone help me with how to control the pet. they only respond when i'm about to get hit, never before.
    But in many video like in this one, pets go out and attack enemy first (which what I'm expecting).

  6. I have six characters that i think is very match =

    Warfare earth
    Warfare storm
    Spirit dream
    Runes defense
    Hunting rogue
    Hunting nature

  7. Here's my top mastery no-overlap combo across 5 characters 🙂
    As far as I can tell, those are the optimal ones, when it comes to synergy and covering the other mastery's weaknesses 🙂
    Titan Quest:

    Rune + Earth = Tukohama (Goes so well with transmutation, fire enchantment, ring of fire… and two Captain's signets are a must for this build, in order to max out intelligence).

    Warfare + Rogue = Bayek (Dual wielding melee/thrown weapons, poison/debuff/bleeed the s*** out of anything)

    Defense + Dream = Tarkus (Best defensive combo imho, awesome for a reflective build as well)

    Storm + Spirit = Idranel (Tendrion / Pet build, self-explanatory)

    Hunting + Nature = Artemis (Pets in later levels really do help out, still focus on bleeding and whoop as*, no intelligence required, just max out dex + str)

  8. Does open wound prock with trowing knives skill and is spirit good for secondary if i want trowing knives build ?

  9. Whatever mastery you choose the game is too easy even for beginners. If you don't enhance it with some of the mods you will fall asleep into boredom very soon.

  10. I have a cool idea for a video…..
    Since you are greek
    You may understand the inaudible speech from "when the gods fall" from the titan quest ost
    And translate it…….I feel like it is some epic lyrics worth to be understood 🙂

  11. 1:59 Wait… WTF IS THAT THING? I've owned Titan Quest since it cam out, I bought IT when it came out and now I also own the Anniversary edition and Ragnarok, BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT THING IN MY LIFE! Did they add it with AE or Ragnarok?

  12. nice! learned some despite sick gaming hours. Tip: intence weapon swaping just before casting some spells(or attacks) leads the model to perform them repeatedly(2-6 times). seems to work best with female model using quick(throwing) attacks. Assign weapon swap to scroll down and using spells like refresh, trap or war horn several times/cooldown gets quite easy

  13. Counquerer's shield and half of defense mast. is useless. Dream + Air is much more powerful than spirit. Ranger is, maybe, easy, but not very damage and not tank.

  14. Where's my favorite class assasin?! Warfare+Rouge. Warfare gives crazy damage, aoe, flag, Rouge gives slow, pircieng, poison and more bleeding. As a result we have fantastic physical damage dealer, which is not possible to be killed by melee. At epic with resists he's immortal!!!

  15. Hi there
    I’ve bought the game on iOS on my iPad. I’ve activated the very fast mode and I don’t know how. It was sweet until it crashed and restarted and lost the fast speed mode
    I don’t know how to activate it again
    Could you please tell me if by any chance you know how to activate this very fast mode on iOS ?

    It’s not on the option setting

  16. Dream spirit is an excellent intelligence mastery, I'm not sure if it counts as a mage but it is the strongest class I have ever played, I can kill bosses in epic in a single attack at level 52.

  17. I would like to add Spirit as one of the good masteries to mix with Rogue as the Death Chill Aura’s Necrosis will decrease tremendously the enemies resistance to bleeding.

  18. Nice overview! Though I would say that even for a beginner, adding one mastery with a "wrong" attribute is ok as long as they understand to stay focused on Str OR Int, respectively, and ignore any damage skills based on the other.

    That will naturally lead them to the support skills.

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