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50 thoughts on “They Call It An Invisible Laptop Stand… 🤔

  1. Hey! Unbox therapy there is actualy a new one its called tme moft x and there is the one for phones and tablets the tablet and phone stand have a package its called the moft x just saying if you wanna check it out 😀

  2. What? For gaming laptops that have vents on the top portion of the back-panel, you definitely cant use it. Sticking it to the Lower portion of your gaming laptop will place the CG of the laptop, away from the user and towards the top making it tip over. One more thing, they could have used a similar design as the one surface tablets use. They span over the entire width of the device, making them sturdy. Its definitely for tablets and low performance laptops as I am not sure what the heat dissipation ability of such a stand is, considering that it sticks to the back of the laptop.

  3. Damn.. I have a thinkpad T495 and would love this but it would cover the vents pretty bad…. :/

  4. I've been using it for a month now on y MBP 16". Though I love the effects of it on the viewing angle, I dislike the typing angle it brings. I'm getting sore wrist. Anyone else find it to be the same case?

  5. This thing is super cool but wont last. After 1 month of regular use my moft phone stand is starting to fall apart. The glue is loose , stitching is very frayed and all the sides and corners showing heavy use I would be surprised if I get 3 months use out of a 40 dollar stand

  6. Its good for gaming. Just stick it on your laptop and it will stay. You’ll get a keyboard and mouse for gaming either way

  7. I am a Kickstarter Backer #8441 from Hong Kong. This company never deliver my order and answer our enquiry. STAY AWAY WITH THIS COMPANY.

  8. GREAT concept, BUT BE WARNED it does cause laptops to OVERHEAT!
    I bought two and installed on a 2019 13" Macbook Pro and a 15" Dell XPS, and in both cases it hindered heat dissipation. It is good for raising the screen up and it's probably good for people who do lightweight browsing and document editing, but for any power user this WILL make your laptop thermals MUCH worse (I got over 10 degrees increase in temperature on average with fans working twice as much)

  9. Would this be something that would suit well on a 2 in 1 laptop? I’ve been looking for something that would act as support for my laptop monitor when I put in in tablet mode but haven’t had any luck.

  10. I'm very interested in these. But, I'm torn! I've got a Pixel Slate 12.3 tablet/computer. I'm not which Moft accessory to get…should I get the tablet version or laptop version. Any help would be much appreciated. Love your videos!!

  11. that laptop stand is promoting a terrible positive incline on the wrist, highly increasing RSI and carpal tunnel risk.

  12. If the laptop has vents and you move it down it's not very stable. Also it wobbles a little bit. but you will get used to that.

  13. It’s called invisible laptop stand because the people who named it and tested it are not stand users, duh

  14. Doesn't work on my 10" Insignia Windows 10 tablet with keyboard attached. Tablet/display screen is too heavy and flops over. It does make a nonslip pad for lap desks.

  15. It is pretty good, although in 15" laptops, when you use the laptop without elevation, it is not steady because the left space between the MOFT and the laptop front edge. So when you place your hand on touchpad for example it moves a little.

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