The Military Tough MacBook!

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This case from UAG turns your MacBook (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro) into a military drop tested beast! Yes it’ll make your MacBook slightly more bulky, but you’ll also feel slightly more like Robocop on a daily basis.

From the manufacturer –

Engineered to provide protection for an active mobile lifestyle, UAG brings you the first composite MacBook case that meets Mil-Spec 810G-516.6 drop test standards. Our patented Composite design fuses a hard outer shell with soft impact resistant bumpers engineered to protect your MacBook from drop and shock. The unique 1-piece design and soft rubberized bumpers & bottom skid pads provide 360-degree protection from scratches and abrasions. With oversized ports and a low profile design that slips in and out of your bag, access is always fast & easy. Available in 2 distinctive colors, clear and smoke grey, UAG’s rugged & lightweight MacBook cases are sure to make you stand out from the crowd whether at work or the next expedition.

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30 thoughts on “The Military Tough MacBook!

  1. UAG is amazing, I have a case on my ipad, literally dropped it from the second story and it was perfectly fine

  2. I would bet my left nut that the military wouldn’t touch an Apple product with either a 10 foot pole or a Bangalore.

  3. I’m just going online right now to buy this is as we speak my Brand-new MacBook is at Apple getting a new case on it – I have Apple care but it still cost me a couple hundred dollars. I have no idea what happened to it! I looked at it one day and found all of these tenants. Although it worked fine as I spent an absolute fortune on it – more than most people spend on a car (as I am legally blind) I couldn’t stand it I had to get a new case on it it disgusted me so I never ever want that to happen again. Thanks for the vid (I love the comment laptop not included – same as they say it on phone cases: do some people really think it contains sexual product?). LOL

  4. I’ve heard so many things about this case causing damage to the computer after being on a while. Any agree?

  5. I know this is an old video, but after 10 years of using the Panasonic tough books, they are crap. take mil spec as the cheapest and lowest standard.

  6. Did you just fu@king say "old school" Panasonic toughbooks, they are still manufacturing them in 2019 in full fledge. This gay macbook will crack if you just place the CF31 on top of it

  7. I purchase one UAG rugged case for my Macbook Pro 15'' 2016, and is supper cool. Super protective. The best case in the market. I love it! Only downside is that they only offers the plasma model for the macbook pros, which looks awesome, but still… a little diversity of colors would be nice. I'm purchasing another one for my wife's new Macbook Pro 15'' 2019. I fully recommend this case.

  8. Where is the point of this review when you do not toss it around or drown your notebook in water ?

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