Should you Buy a Late 2012 MacBook Pro in 2020? – My Experience 7 Years Later!

I’ve had the 2012 MacBook Pro for the past seven years and it’s been a pretty reliable daily driver. The 2012 MacBook Pro is one of the more durable laptops Apple has ever built. Loaded with useful ports and even an SD Card slot if you are in the market for an affordable MacBook the 2012 MacBook Pro is the way to go.

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45 thoughts on “Should you Buy a Late 2012 MacBook Pro in 2020? – My Experience 7 Years Later!

  1. Hi, very informative video, looks like an honest opinion! I have recently upgraded from Windows to Mid-2012 Macbook Pro, its fantastic. Can you tell me how can I download movies on Macbook, since utorrent doest work here.? thanks.

  2. Just suscribed! This was really helpful as I am debating if I should but the new macbook air or macbook pro 2020.

  3. A friend gave me a mid-2012 macbook pro when they upgraded, and I'm having problems with lagging and the software not updating, like Safari and Chrome are really out of date. The OS is Mac OS X version 10.7.5, and there are no updates. Any tips?

  4. Mine just got water damage and I’m think of upgrading to a new one or just send it to fix. What you recomend? Thanks

  5. I got the MacBook pro 2012 13" in 2018 and still use it now! still runs smoothly. I use it mainly for video editing, for music, light browsing and video streaming. 🙂

  6. My MacBook Pro is slightly older than yours (15-inch, Mid 2012), and it's been a real champ. I've upgraded only the memory, from 8GB to 16GB, and the change is remarkable! It had survived drops, falls, coffee spills on the keyboard, etc. Oh, I bought it as a refurb—it's been the best investment I ever made!

  7. I'm still using my 2012 MacBook Pro, and it's working absolutely fine. I like that it has a CD drive, and useful varied ports. It is slowing down a bit but it looks like this can be solved with updating ram and ssd. Quite a few of my old games on Steam don't seem to work anymore which is odd.

  8. It's good for programming like Java, JS, Node, Angular, React? And for Mobile like X-Code and Android Studio ?

  9. im interested in buying a 2012 Mbp but im really not experienced with tech at all so im watching a lot of videos to learn more and make sure im making a good decision but I have a few questions. what does an external hard drive do? Should I buy one? Why?

  10. lucky i found this video since i’m still confuse whether to buy macbook pro mid 2012 or macbook air 2014..just wondering, since i need to edit using adobe photoshop and final cut pro, are you think macbook air can handle it ? or better i choose macbook pro ? and if pro with 8gb and with 120gb should be ok ?

  11. Hi thanks so much for your video! Just wondering if you think this would be suitable for YouTube video editing? Also are they’re any cons while editing through imovie or Final Cut Pro?

  12. I still have a Mid 2012 MacBook Pro. Upgraded last year from a Mid 2009 to this Mid 2012 and it's way faster and way better at everything.

  13. Where can I purchase one of these for an affordable price? I wanted to get one of these for music production & video editing i was thinking 16b ram & 500 Ssd

  14. Hasn't this lost support, or isnt it close to obsolescence? Considering a used MBP vs the new air. Completely specked out, I can get the new air for 989. I had the 15" MBP from 2011. It had GPU frying issues. Which would you do?

  15. I am just getting into coding and web development. Do you think that I would be able to on this laptop? I am a beginner with not much money for a computer at the moment.

  16. I’ve seen people buy 2012 MacBooks in 2020 for the ‘status’ or prestige which comes with owning one. I find it ridiculous because for that price you could easily get a decent notebook these days. Those wannabes and fukboys buying unusable MacBooks 😂

  17. MacBook Pro mid 2012 13" upgrade
    1)CPU i5 to i7 3520M upgrade ram 16GB
    2)upgrade SSD 2Bay(DVD) 4TB(2×2) you can raid if you want
    3)upgrade Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    4)magsafe 60W to 85W
    5)replace thermal paste and new battery
    Upgrade Option eGPU
    Good Fast!

  18. I just bought a mid 2012 in the excellent condition. I wanted the DVDROM drive as it was the last model to have an optical drive.

  19. What about making music ? I want to buy a 2012 macbook you think it is good for making music with Logic Pro X?

  20. No, simply put, no. Because no one F*cking supports it. Everyone is like nope not my problem…lol

  21. Hi… Please can u send me the specs for the MacBook? I am thinking of getting one for school and i don't want anything too fancy and expensive. Thanks.

  22. Hello one question what do you think about macbook pro mid 2012 2,9 ghz core i7 now in 2020 im just doing photo editing and some video in Lr and adobe premier thank for you help

  23. Lovely work on your channel. Really liked your cuts and use on music. Looking forward to seeing what else you bring to the YouTube community.

  24. I’m using the MacBook Pro 2012 non retina . I have change the 500hdd for a 512ssd. Also upgraded 16gb ram. This thing still kick butt. Sure the screen is not as bright as this one and also a ok battery.

  25. The 2012-2013 13 inch retina is the BEST macbook apple has ever created, macbooks in general are very shitty machines, however, this is the only one [besides airs] that doesnt have any hardware issues

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