Should you buy a 2013 'trash can' Mac Pro in 2019?

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Last week we took a look at the 2013 trash can Mac Pro, which is also the current Mac Pro in 2019. The question is: Is the current Mac Pro worth it in 2019? Even the cheapest used Mac Pro on eBay is $1300, so its a lot of money to spend on a 5 year old machine with questionable value…
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31 thoughts on “Should you buy a 2013 'trash can' Mac Pro in 2019?

  1. I think the reason you would buy this is not purely for performance reasons. I would like a Mac to use with a 3rd party monitor, specifically a 49" wide screen monitor. With that in mind, this is probably the best choice.

  2. Hello friend, excellent information, I just updated the mac pro late 2013 to Catalina, and I have a problem that when rendering or exporting video the screen goes black, before I had the Higth Sierra, I did not have these inconvents, I wanted to know if it is a hadware or sofwarware problem, since this inconvenience stops to have something to do with the graphic card.
    Excellent channel

  3. For me when thinking of price vs what you get vs what you can get still in the Apple eco system today… no I think it’s not worth it because for a few hundred dollars more I can get an iMac with just a small dip in GPU performance. But I have to say as a fan of this design. I would totally buy one and love every second of it because I just simply love the design of it.

  4. I just purchased a trash can – 12 core Xeon, 128GB RAM with the dual 300s and love it! For power hungry apps like Logic Pro X, it definitely takes advantage of the additional cores and hyperthreading. Absolutely enjoy this little powerhouse! 😎

  5. can you tell me how do i install radeon vii on razor chroma on bootcamp in mac pro 6 i just need to know what to do tried many videos and it does not show radeon vii on bootcamp

  6. What do you think about a trash can with a 2.70GHz 12-Core Xeon E5-2697v2 processor, 128GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD and Dual AMD FirePro D500 Video Cards?

  7. i need help i'm on budget should i get this or new mac mini high speced? i'm a heavy user i do a lot of photo and video editing which one is more fitting? please help thanks!

  8. Anything Mac without a screen is NOT for video editors. However, they are great for software devs, photo editors, music producers etc

  9. Question, the Mac Pro 6,1 top tier 12 core and dual d700, gpu's, would that work fine for a home user for the next 10 years? Using bootcamp to game etc. Or just trash it for home use.

  10. I'm thinking of buying a 6 core and save up for the new XDR display – That should be a nice setup, right? I got a late 2015 iMac 5k now with i7 … If i end up with similar specs, its worth getting a used mac pro and save up for the amazing new display. What are your thoughts?

  11. Hey, love your videos. I produce and engineer music, just purchased this compute, my main concern is restoring/migrating everything from my current 2012 macbook pro. the problem is I recently accidentally updated my laptop to Catalina.. this has been a headache for a lot of my projects and software. do you have any videos on the best way to go about downgrading OS in general, while keeping all files and libraries in tact? thanks in advance .

  12. The machine is quiet but the thermals are not good, you can see over 95ºC in CPU and GPU in others reviews

  13. Warning, these units for some reason are terrible at h264 compression. An entry level Mac Mini will smash it for live streaming of h264 HD video.

  14. QUESTION — I am looking to get more performance out of my system I have a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) / 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 / 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3. It struggles with heavy music composition but works fine with FCPX. I was looking at getting not a 2013 Mac Pro and upgrading to 64 gb ram and 1tb SSD. What CPUs / Core should I look for in the 2013 line of MPs? In your video you said stay away from the 4 core –is that the only one you suggest NOT looking at? Thx for your time and GREAT VIDEO!

  15. I love the design my self, but the lack of gpu upgrade ability makes it suck. You would have to get top tier d700 system, do be usable for for multi use, i.e gaming, and or media.

  16. Apple is a phone company; their computers suck. Consider this: why won't TENSORFOW run? Why won't Caffe run? Why won't PyTorch run? Chainer? PaddlePaddle? It's sad, but macs are for video editing and nothing else that a chromebook won't do. You should make a video as NVIDIA RTX Models are destroying it in sales; they have games in Windows (or Linux) and they have what Data Scientists and AI engineers need; all the data science and AI frameworks, not to mention fast rendering. Don't get me wrong, it's a good looking laptop, but others have really gained in capacity, and maybe you could that.

  17. I have a late 2013. It worked great for a few years and has been nothing but useless since. I use it to make music with the logic app and that’s it. Considering the specs of the machine and what I use it for this version of the Mac Pro should be able to run what I use it for in its sleep but it’s unstable, crashes, freezes and barely boots up now if at all. About to take it back to Apple for repair for the forth time after just picking it back up, bringing it home, plugging it in and it won’t even boot up. My opinion is to stay well away from this useless machine and buy a Mac Pro laptop which I’m about to do. Google info on issues with this machine before considering opening your wallet. Also Apple support for this machine is basically non existent. You’ve been warned!!

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