Richard Marx RIGHT HERE WAITING Guitar Lesson Tutorial EricBlackmonMusic YouTube

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Right Here Waiting Chord TABS Tutorial#175
Right Here Waiting Chord Transition Tutorial #1
Chord Transition Tutorial#2
Blues Shuffle Strumming Tutorial#1
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31 thoughts on “Richard Marx RIGHT HERE WAITING Guitar Lesson Tutorial EricBlackmonMusic YouTube

  1. TOM PETTY And The HEARTBREAKERS YouTube Lesson Playlist from EricBlackmonMusic/EricBlackmonGuitar/EEMusicLIVE

  2. Cheers mate… it was well worth learning this song…. I got my leg over with me Gal after i played it to her 😎

  3. From your "to-do list" to my dream list lol. I have wanted to learn this songs since… well… probable two decades. Thanks Eric

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