Reviving a 2009 Macbook with SSD and macOS Sierra

Let’s see if reviving this 2009 macbook is worth it and what to expect from.

i’ll demonstrate a simple procedure of upgrading any the video and be informed. if you have question, ask me at the comment section down below. thanks everyone! like and subscribe. it will really help me a lot thank you.

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31 thoughts on “Reviving a 2009 Macbook with SSD and macOS Sierra

  1. Hi, im using macbook late 2009, how can i upgrade its spec? Can help in a indepth guide or tutorial

  2. hi sir good day to you. i have the same unit.11yrs old na hehe. worn out na yung rubber and cracked na yung ibang edge pero still working lol.good thing lang is nabilhan ko siya nang casing 4yrs ago kaya hinde halata.ask ko lang sir. if ma upgrade ko din ito from 2gb to 8gb RAM and 250GB HDD to 500 SSD worth it pa kaya siya for video editing using premier pro? and ano po latest OS ang puwede ko install? thank you sir!

  3. @ Nerd Cave PH – It is now 2020 and I really hope that you still have this MacBook. If you do, I'm hoping that you've upgraded the R.A.M. to 8 GB, bought a new battery for it, bought a new trackpad for it, and maybe even upgraded to a higher-capacity S.S.D. drive. .. 🙂

    I have the same exact MacBook, and I've been using it every day for the past 11 years. Later this year or next year, I plan on maxing-out the R.A.M. and installing a high-capacity S.S.D. drive. .. 🙂

    Thanks for the upload. .. 🙂

  4. I have a MacBook like this and it’s great to be able to have a MacBook without spending a ton of money,.

  5. Ginawa ko rin to pati ram. hehe. ayos nama nang performance. pero kung pang video editing kahit lightroom lang medyo bumabagal siya.

  6. Have that MacBook 6.1 since 2010 and still works fantastic. Used as a 2nd computer and it is absolutely perfect. Planning this SSD upgrade.
    But dude, you computer is dirty AF. You should have cleaned it before you make any video about it.

  7. How did you update it to a newer update? My old MacBook is stuck on macOS X snow leopard??

    Thanks 👍👍

  8. My 2009 MacBook finally died after having it for 9 years. I used it till the day it died. Just upgraded to the 2018 MacBook Air and I already miss my 2009. Love the design.

  9. Lol, I’m a web designer and still rock my late 2009 MacBook 6.1 for work. I upgraded to 8GB of RAM, 1TB SSHD and a new battery. Still in love with it from the first day I got it.

  10. I miss my Macbook White… I had one from 2009 to 2017. Had already changed HD, trackpad, keyboard, battery, screen, so I confess I gave up on my old macbook. I remember back then when I replaced the HD with a SSD how much it improved. It's really a powerful machine, well build to last for a decade. Mine is probably still working somewhere. :')

  11. I have the same exact Mac. I am running Logic Pro X to record and produce music. I’m having trouble with running all my Plug-Ins at once. My Applications are very slow and everything takes forever to load. My Logic Pro X App is constantly crashing saying “System Overload”. The MAC isn’t able to process all of the sounds running at once. Would a Samsung SSD like the one you purchased help this problem?

  12. I have the same mac l upgraded the ram to 8gb and swapped the hard drive for a ssd card and I run: adobe photoshop cs6, illustrator, moho 12, poser 8, sketchbook pro, clip studio paint, painter 2017! It runs good a bit slow if I render an animation in moho, but drawing and creating the animation no problems. .. if you have one you could do some upgrades and save Xtra money to get something special 🙂

  13. Bro, which Samsung SSD model did you put in this macbook. Was it 850 EVO or 860 EVO. I am going to revive my 2009 Macbook and your video was super helpful…. Thank you so much for upgrading it and posting it online…

  14. How did you install Sierra on that thing? I have an old Macbook white which I couldn't get to run a newer version than 10.7 Lion. :/

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