Qman 1407 1 into 6 robot

Qman 1407 1 into 6 robot
Information about the toys:
-Brand – Qman
-Name Toys – 1 into 6 robot
-Model toys – 1407
– line – Qman The Raging Warrior
-Age restriction – for children 6+
Welcome to our channel Game of bricks 2! We want to show you our collection of brick toys.
We can show you many kinds of toys, for example
– toys from manufacturers such as City of Masters (Russia) Sluban, Enlighten, Ausini, Lepin, Qman, Cada, Cobi, Kazi
and more
– LEGO-Moc
– Stop motion animation movie
– Military equipment (tanks, planes, guns, ships)
– Airplanes and helicopters
– Construction equipment (excavators, cranes, tractors, trucks)
– Transport (trains, buses, trolleybuses, trams, cars)
– Cleaning equipment (garbage trucks)
– Police and fire sets
– Tecnic sets
– Agricultural machinery
– Bricks dollhause
– UFO Lego set
– Fantasy LEGO set
-The Empire State Building of New York
– Lego city, lego techic, lego creator, lego mindstorm, lego minecraft, lego movie, lego dinosaur.
We will show you all new bricks!

Music used in video:
00:00 New Beginning by Gunnar Olsen
02:50 Discotek by Silent Partner
05:38 Nimbus by Eveningland
07:51 Newsroom by Riot
10:10 Funky Disco by Biz Baz Studio
12:45 We Could Reach by Freedom Trail Studio
16:39 Lucky Duck by Silent Partner

Nguồn: https://stop-violence.org

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