Path Of Exile Classes Guide (2019)

Path of Exile Classes Guide – a beginner’s guide and introduction to the class and ascendancy system.
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About the game:

Path of Exile 3.5 – Betrayal is a free-to-play online action role playing game (ARPG) for PC and Xbox under continued development by Grinding Gear Games, with Chris Wilson in charge as lead developer.

PoE is about character progression/development. You start at level 1, weak and with no gear. By killing monsters, bosses and progressing the story-line you will gain experience, level up, find rare and unique weapons and armors and steadily become more and more powerful, with the ultimate goal of becoming unstoppable and beating the endgame, including the Guardians, The Shaper and the Elder.

There are 7 core classes in Path of exile. 6 of these classes each have 3 Ascendancy class specializations (sub classes). The remaining, the scion, have 1 ascendancy class.

Ascendancy classes:

Templar: Inquisitor, Hierophant & Guardian
Witch: Necromancer, Elementalist & Occultist
Shadow: Assassin, Trickster & Saboteur
Ranger: Pathfinder, Raider & Deadeye
Duelist: Slayer, Gladiator & Champion
Marauder: Berserker, Juggernaut & Chieftain

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Some of the links above are affiliate links. Any purchase you may make, will at no cost to you, earn me a small revenue cut. Thank you for using my links.


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49 thoughts on “Path Of Exile Classes Guide (2019)

  1. I lile how you put drama on words:

    "Occultist deals with ………….

    Occult stuff"

    That made me laugh hard

  2. I was about to sub due to his awesome voice but then when i heard at the end you say "bro do you even nerd" i had to leave.

  3. Ggg almost bann me on Path of Exile, reedited my posts last week, this is an attempt to destroy liberty of expression and democracy, opinions and so on.

  4. wtf .. i started PoE today and the Scion class is missing.. In the "select character" screen. I only have 6 classes. What is going on?

  5. Honestly, no matter which game I play I never go for a specific build, I just go for whatever gives me the best shit. I just fuckin min-max

  6. Great video. POE is all about learning new aspects of POE as often as possible. Thank you for posting this informative video.

  7. What an amazing free to play Diablo, good thing I don't have to buy it now when I can just play this for free. Love the Skill Forest

  8. This still left me pretty confused on which class to pick. Can I respec my class if I make a mistake? Which are the most fun classes for beginners

  9. So paladin can cast like a witch in POE? I kinda wish to make a holy warrior with lightning. Coming from Warframe Bois.

  10. Er du dansk Bro?
    Syntes jeg kan ane en Dansk dialekt i dit engelske ;p
    Når men Mange tak for videoen, Det var super go Info. 👍

  11. My first build was a ts mf windripper raider got level 86 tried farming doctors never got one couldnt sustain maps or buy maps because xbox ecosystem is terrible. I had to have died at least 1000 times that playthrough. Like 20 all res and like 3k hp no defense besides evasion lmao i got frustrated to say the least lol.

  12. Is it bad when i put some nodes to minion stuff and put a lot on elementals stuff like a mix of elementalist and necromancer?

  13. my friend – hey let's pick up Path of Exile, got tons of skills and it's free y'know
    me – ah…fine

    in game: ok got myself a Witch, let's open up her skill tre-JESUS CHRIST!!!

  14. This did not help me at all. You clicking on zoomed out skills and not going over each class just leaves me where i started. Maybe change the video title

  15. I feel sorry for the ps4 users,about trade market… make that build you qould love to play will be tough,hear me. Because the fact you cant,yet choose right gear values ,think how hard will be make a good functional build like this.. o/

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