North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is “alive and well”: South Korea

There has been speculation over Kim Jong Un’s health and whereabouts recently, but South Korea says he is “alive and well” and has been staying at a resort for the past two week. CNA’s Lim Yun Suk with more details.

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45 thoughts on “North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is “alive and well”: South Korea

  1. Hey with the way the media is now days you don’t know what to believe. America’s News media’s have become untrustworthy. They have an agenda. I can’t tell what they hate the most Trump or America . The unrest they create politically is astounding. Their ability to twist every story to meet their agenda is astounding. They will bring this country to it’s knees. I believe that is their goal. Thousands of stories and not one verifiable fact.

  2. I am from India here a local channel #Asianet has announced your death 1 week ago..Please take action against these type of channels

  3. Kim Jong Un : didn't show himself for few weeks
    US reporters : showing parked train and telling there is no trace of kim….
    Everyone : He is dead..
    CNA : Kim Jong Un is "alive and well"
    Laughing Kim noises…

  4. Don't believe any garbage south korea is saying. The leftist party (who just won a land side due to rigged election) is pseudo communist and is a puppet of North regime. Even south korean president (Moon Jae in) is spokesperson of Kim Jong Un since North holds his real mother and possibly his illegitimate child hostages.

  5. Please join the White House petition regarding the South Korean rigged election. South Korea's parliamentary election was a rigged election. China intervened in South Korea's parliamentary elections, hacked into numbers, and the Chinese-backed Democratic Party won.

  6. Maybe he tried trumps corona virus recipe..injected Lysol…. and shoved a UV light up is rectum orifice while standing under a windmill.(.if hes not in a coma you can bet he will nuke trump????)

  7. I remember when they said Castro was dead. He wasn't. He was quite ill and he finally did press photo shoots and speak. Castro lived quite a long time after his supposed death.

  8. I'm sure most of the people who think that North Korea and Kim is their enemy don't even know where North Korea is situated on the map…

  9. I disagree ..he missed his grandfathers bday..thats prob one thing you would not miss..North Korea would think if they say anything the US will strike an take over there country or blow it up…an are extremely vulnerable with no one calling the shots…so prob would not admit it, as like China cant be trusted

  10. He went in for a sex change operation, but he already had breasts and they couldn't find his penis so they discharged him.

  11. Kim knows who wants him to die. The ppl who said he is dead obviously want him to die. Trump: He is fine. I wish him well.
    China: Kim is dead.

  12. Yah right 🤪South Korea is really scared to tell the whole world that Kim jong un is gone for good 🙄RIP

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