New MacBook Air – Unboxing Early 2014: 13 Inch and Review

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Unboxing Apple’s MacBook Air – Early 2014 new MacBook Reviewed and quickly Unboxed.

Purchase the 11″ and 13″ MacBook Air, Starting at $899:

Stay tuned for future coverage on Apple’s MacBook Air and the company’s upcoming products!

Fast Specs (13″ Unboxed model)
CPU: 1.4Ghz Dual-Core Intel Core i5
Storage: 128GB of PCIe-based flash storage
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5000

NEW MacBook Air Unboxing – 2015 Edition & Review:

Again, stay tuned for additional details surrounding the new Macbook Air series and thanks for watching!

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Note: This is the Early 2014 MacBook Air from Apple


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23 thoughts on “New MacBook Air – Unboxing Early 2014: 13 Inch and Review

  1. I love my new MacBook so much📼>JustU.Faith/Apple-Air?罰    I have had absolutely no problems with it so far, and I do not regret my purchase.

  2. Why do you say EVERYTHING you’re doing?

    “I’m going to put this pencil down and move my arm to the left and up while I pick my nose…!”

  3. I've been wanting this computer but I've been researching how many gb and hard drive it has but why it says 4gb is installed and 8gb is the max what does I mean please help

  4. Can you do a Macbook Air comparison between the 2014 and 2015 versions? Planning to get one and it may help. Thank you!

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