New 13-inch MacBook Pro Review! (2015)

My review of Apple’s new 13″ Retina MacBook Pro. Enjoy! 🙂

A detailed review of the 2015 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro including speed tests, benchmarks and comparisons vs the 2014 2.6GHz i5 MacBook Pro with Intel Iris graphics vs the 2015 2.7GHz i5 and 3.1GHz i7 MacBook Pro with Intel Iris 6100 graphics. Also includes a demo of the new Force Touch trackpad and how it works!

13″ MacBook Pro Pricing & Configurations:

FitMenCook Video! Tell him TLD sent ya! 🙂

TLD FCPX Speedtest!

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27 thoughts on “New 13-inch MacBook Pro Review! (2015)

  1. God I can’t believe its been 5 Years… It’s 2020 and I’ve had mine since high-school. Its my first and only Mac and also my first major investment.

    It’s just now starting to show it’s age since the programs I need are becoming more resource hungry with every update. Thankfully I have an IPhone and Ipad to take the load off of it for misc tasks so it still does what I need well enough.

    the apple ecosystem is a drug so now Im looking forward to the 2020 MacBook Pro so I can get the 2019 refurbished from Apple for cheaper and get into ios development for real.

  2. I am an owner of a new, back then, of an early 2015 MacBook Pro computer. This is my second MacBook Pro. Before that, I used Windows based computers and laptops. With Windows based computers, I used to have to upgrade computers every 2 to 3 years as they became clogged with junks software / malwares that made the computers slow and hard to tolerance even on a daily basis using non-graphic intensive work. With Apple computers, no more of that. Also, with Windows back in the days, I used to spend days in reconfiguring and moving data each time I transitioned from one computer to another. With Apples, that shrinks to a few hours and, within that time, just a few clicks of option. To this date, I am still using my old 2015 MacBook Pro 13", still happy with its performance. Apple is the Toyota / Lexus of computing world.

  3. Touch pad: *exists*

    Me, who uses Bluetooth mouse: useless peace of $*##

    Edit: Jk I have this model and it's not bad

  4. recently(late 2019) switched from windows to MacBook pro…2015, 13 inch retina. 16gb, 512 ssd, i5 2.9ghz…for $500, i thought it's a pretty good deal.

  5. I need one for high school but I feel like people gonna say I spend my parents money when I am buying a second hand $500

  6. Not to promote any site to find a 2015 MBP but I bought TWO of them from sellers on Be very thorough in reviewing the seller's description, photos, and don't hesitate to ask many questions before committing to a purchase. Bottom line is that both machines I bought are just fine and work great,…no scams or dishonesty. One word of caution: some 2015 MBP's have a voluntary recall for faulty batteries that swell up. That happened on a friend's 2015 13" MacBook Pro TWICE (repaired under warranty 1st time) but this 2nd time just recently happened and deformed the case, so we're not sure what Apple will do to remedy the problem this time.

  7. I was going to think of going for this. Nice video. Now just playing the 1 or 2 years waiting game till I have enough bucks to buy one of this 🙂

  8. Comments were confused me a lot, i have this one exactly same so what you guys thinking if i want to sell this and buy a 2019 15" ? Advises please…

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