My Macbook Air Setup with the LG Ultrafine Monitor!

Check out the LG UltraFine Monitor:

Hey everyone, Tim Schofield here. Want to show you my tech setup with the MacBook Air, which is great for editing videos, and show you how Thunderbolt™ 3 is at the center of it all. I also show off my favorite chair, my keyboard and mouse, which is all centered around the LG UltraFine 31.5-inch 4K Monitor (32UL950), as well. (A big shout out to LG for sponsoring this video!) Since this LG Monitor also supports Thunderbolt™ 3, I’ve hooked up to my MacBook Air via one cable, creating the ultimate toolkit.
Let’s take a look at how I use my MacBook Air and the LG UltraFine Monitor for detailed color, clarity, and high-end picture quality, plus amazing photo- and video-editing capabilities. This setup is packed
with pro-style features, including:
-Nano IPS, covering 98% of the DCI-P3 color space, meeting the digital film industry standard
-VESA DisplayHDR™ 600, bringing a clearer, more lifelike picture and impressive peak luminance
of 600 nits for spectacular highlights
-UHD 4K with Color Calibration, with four-times the resolution of Full HD and the ability to work
with compatible calibration devices
-Simple setup, thanks to a single cable for video/audio plus data transfer, as well as simultaneous
laptop charging. Thunderbolt™ 3 4K Daisy Chain is the most flexible Thunderbolt yet.
Watch my video and then learn more about the LG 4K Monitor here:
LG 32UL950-W:
Logitech MX Master: (affiliate link)
Logitech Craft Keyboard: (affiliate link)

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34 thoughts on “My Macbook Air Setup with the LG Ultrafine Monitor!

  1. How about standby?
    I have a 4K LG monitor with USB-C (27UD88) and the standby behavior really bugs me.
    for comparison: the Apple Thunderbolt instantly switches off and on – no grey image or any delay…
    that's why I have switched to my Apple Thunderbolt Display after using the 4K for WFH…

    I'd really like to hear your detailed experience with standby … Thanks so much!

  2. Hey Tim can you pls suggest a good IPS Display 1080P only Monitor from the same model family and Brand i.e. LG ?

  3. Does MacBook get really hot or the fans go to insanely high speeds when it’s converted to the monitor? It does with mine

  4. Why is this the same price as the one Apple sells? This one is bigger, has HDR, and slimmer bezels. What am I missing out on my going from the official Apple/LG one, to this one?

  5. Hi Tim, i never had a monitor ideas and im buying soon.. would like to ask if this monitor needs a CPU?? and what about the storage? i need help..

  6. No Facetime camera, and Magic Keyboard doesn't control brightness or volume. Dealbreaker for me. I bought the Apple 5k instead.

  7. Awesome video man! I am hoping you can help with a bit of insight; I have the new 2019 MacBook Pro 16'' running two 4k 60hz external monitors. When I set both external monitors to the 4k resolution, the text and UI layout of my applications and safari becomes extremely small and hard to read. I have to choose the scaled option at 1920×1080 to increase text size and overall UI layout for the display to be visually acceptable. Is there anything I can do to use my 4k monitors for their intended use @ 4k without having the text and app appear super small? Any insight is extremely appreciated!

  8. I love my MX Master 2S with my 16" MBP. I've thought about the Craft keyboard… but I really like the Magic Keyboard.

  9. what is the wire you used to pluged into your mac and the monitor ? I have an HDMI cord but it obviously doesn't go with my MacAir

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