Mid-2012 MacBook Pro Running Catalina

Today we look at my Mid-2012 MacBook Pro running Catalina.
The Mid-2012 MacBook Pro is the oldest one that’s officially supported by Catalina and it’s surprising how this older machine performs!

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28 thoughts on “Mid-2012 MacBook Pro Running Catalina

  1. One thing I love about Macs is that older hardware is still supported for several versions of the OS!
    What machine are you running Catalina on and how's it running?

  2. Hello, I have mountain lion installed so I have to update to El capitan and only after that getting the update to Catalina from the apple store. Can you help me understanding how can I update to El capitan since I can't find any official release on the apple support? Tks a lot

  3. do you know any work-around to create a RAID 0 on Mojave? I have x2 500 gig SSDs that I wanna RAID in my 2012 MacBook Pro, but I'd prefer to keep Mojave or even Catalina vs. downgrading my OS

  4. Hi, i am using Macbook Pro Mid 2012 model "A1278" which official stated on Apple Webpage is Max support up to 8GB of Ram , i wanted to check if i put in 16GB of Ram will it crash my macbook? i am using 500GB HDD not SSD will it turn out slow or crash it?

  5. I recently bought a 15" 2012 mid i7 MacBook Pro, 1TB SSD, 2.3GHz, 8gb Ram for $750AUD. So far I'm really happy with it. I'm worried running Catalina might somehow ruin it but I'll give it a go later tonight

  6. Catalina bricked my mid 2012 MacBook Pro. Would not boot at all. Spent about 16 hours transferring data and wiping drives to get it back to how it was.

  7. I have a mid -late 2012 13"macbook pro and since I updated to Catalina it has slowed down terribly 🙁 has anybody had this problem/ found a solution?

  8. I've bought my mid 2012 new in early 2013. I put a SSD into the other day and it runs like new! Might put 16 gigs of RAM into it if I can find a nice price (I have 8 gigs atm and its fine for me tbh). I still plan on getting a newer computer within the next year, however, I 100% still plan on using my mid 2012.

  9. just updated to catalina today. now my comupter feels like abirck, cant play games, can hardly load this youtube video. so angry,. sucks

  10. I got a MacBook Pro A1278 for $224 last summer. It was a used one from my school district. The good part is that apart from the battery not working past an hour and half the rest of the pc is almost perfect condition. the teacher only used it during class and never to it home. But she did always connected it during class. So I guess that is why the battery sucks now. It's my first mac and I love it. Want to buy a 21.5-inch mac used from 2015 / 16 for my son are those any good?

  11. can someone please help me, when i try to update it says operation failed when the installing is almost finished ;c

  12. So I just installed Catalina on my MacBook pro 2012 and the installation worked fine, but now it is super slow. Just open finder takes 1 min and it dies as soon as remove the charger. Any thoughts? I have gone back to Mojave now.

  13. I bought a macbook pro mid 2012 in january 2013 with an intel i7, 750GB hard drive and 8 gigs of ram. In january 2016 I change the original hard drive for a samsung ssd 1tb and I upgraded the ram to 16 gigs. The machine has been great, very fast. In fact, I just purchase the macbook pro 16 and there's no noticeable difference in loading up the system and running things like office suits from microsoft. Also, i run parallels and window 10 in both machines and I can´t tell any difference. Both computers start up almost in the same time….i´m ver surprised of the performance of my macbook pro mid 2012 vs the powerful macbook pro 16.

  14. I maxed out this little bad boy with 16GB OWC RAM and 1TB Samsung 860 Pro RAID 0. Man, this thing can compete with my friend's 16" Macbook pro! It's blazing fast!

  15. Any tips for upgrading this computer (mid 2012 MacBook Pro) to a SSD drive? I have had 3, all have had drive failures, thankfully Applecare replaced all of my macbooks, but the fact that with in a few years I've had this many issues is pretty absurd. I know my HDD drive is starting to go now and am looking to change to a SDD to prolong the life of my Mid2012 MacBookPro since it got me through college and stuff we have some memories together and i dont want to get rid of this Laptop yet!

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