Mid-2012 15" MacBook Pro Overview

This is an overview of a high-end Mid-2012 15″ MacBook Pro I got off eBay broken for $300. Based on some pictures in the listing, I was thinking that fixing the issue would be as simple as installing some RAM, however unfortunately that was not the case. I found that the power regulator IC for the CPU had blown, which of course cut all power from the CPU, preventing the machine from booting. I ended up getting Apple to repair the machine, which cost about $300 as well. It ended up being worth it, however, because Apple replaced just about every component of the machine, basically giving me a brand new MacBook Pro.


2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU
8 GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM (supports 1600 MHz)
nVidia GeForce GT 650M GPU w/ 1 GB of VRAM
Intel HD Graphics 4000 Integrated GPU w/ 384 MB of shared VRAM
500 GB SATA hard drive
Slot-loading SuperDrive

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28 thoughts on “Mid-2012 15" MacBook Pro Overview

  1. Awesome! I picked up a dead early 2011 (bad mlb) 15” for nothing recently with the high res anti glare and 128ssd. Bought a working mid 2012 mlb at 2.7 ghz for $299 which swaps right in. Replaced the optical drive with a drive caddy and added another 500gb ssd in there for macOS, and installed win10 on the original 128 for some light gaming. This machine kicks ass! So powerful and relevant still. Handles Mojave like a dream too. Contemplating leaping up to 16gb of ram

  2. When u switched the drive over, did you have to re-input the serials and etc to apps that required them on the 2011?

  3. Looking for a 2012 Macbook Pro 15 A1286 i7 2.6 or 2.7GHz
    Can you please help me find one US or UK, how much would it cost in 2018?

  4. Lol what a bad buy, I just paid $320 for fully working one.With i7 2.3Ghz and stock 4GB and 500GB HDD, already upgraded those to 8GB and 128GB SSD and I'm still below $400dlls.

  5. What's the difference between the words "late" , "early" , and "mid" … I bought a mid 2012 macbook but when I checked "About this Mac" it said "late 2013" are they the same or what?

  6. I'm thinking about getting a late 2011 MacBook Pro 17" since I like the bigger screen, expresscard slot, 3 usb ports, and the bigger battery. I wanted an upgrade from what I use now which didn't have too powerful of a processor and a better SATA bus since my current mac only has SATA I. Plus, it supports Snow Leopard technically since the hardware is extremely similar to the early 2011 which did support it. I'll install it on another machine and update to 10.6.8. Although, Windows XP isn't supported starting with the early 2011 but I know the 2010 models did support XP. I really like XP so I might try to find the 2010 17" restore disc for at least a few drivers like the trackpad and function keys and others. But I know there are a few hardware differences between them, especially the graphics card. That, and the GPU failing issues are the only downsides I'm aware of. But I should be able to reflow it if it gets affected by overheating or whatever causes it. And for the missing drivers, I can probably find those online.

  7. You lucky dog! I just bought a 2.6 non-retina off Ebay and am waiting for it to be delivered but I'm $300 more bucks deeper in the hole than you! Man!… NEW BATTERY, SCREEN and multiple NEW innards! WOW! Enjoy it!
    Informative video yet depressing(for some like myself!!!) 😉

  8. Apple has great service. Those who have the old duo core Macbooks circa 2006/2008 should look here for videos on getting their machines to run El Capitan. Its a process for sure but I have three 2006 Macbooks with SSD and 2gb ram rocking the cap!

    Budget buyers should also know the 2006 Macbook can be found for under $100.00 add 4gb ram and a SSD for less then $100.00.

  9. Do you ever do anything beyond macs? maybe you could do something on dual booting linux or Remix OS?

  10. Not a bad find! I just picked up a 2014 MacBook air that had some water damage. Opened it up and it looks like it was isolated to the SSD. Only payed $80 locally from a classified site and it included a usb SuperDrive! Replacement ssd was expensive off eBay but I am very confident it will fix it (when it arrives) as I was able to install and boot osx from USB .

  11. Didn't apple just give you a new macbook pro :P? seems a lot of work to replace every component versus just giving you a new one. still thats one beast of a laptop ! 😀

  12. To improve speed on the MacBook Pro, I fixed someone's MacBook Pro and put an SSD on it and it ran very fast! Are you going to get an SSD sometime?

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