MacBook Pro Display Replacement

I show you how to replace a MacBook Pro display on a Late 2013 model.

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48 thoughts on “MacBook Pro Display Replacement

  1. Pro tip for any nubs out there who may attempt this. Never screw the bottom back on before testing it. There’s a 90% chance it will not work if you place all the screws back in the bottom.

  2. What are the jacks (J0,J1,J2) used for?

    I have replaced my screen display, but it still doesn’t turn on, remaining black with zero light. The charger displays connection and the start ding occurs but no screen activity.

    Just wondering if the the jacks have any effect being the new one I purchased only had 2 opposed to 3

  3. Ifixit.=Ripoff Do not buy there products that are just ridiculously overcharged and priced like there the only one in world who can fix things or has the proper tools I hate company's like this

  4. You can buy the toolkit for under 10$ on Ebay or Amazon you dont have to go to ifitit then your forced to pay way they want to charge you

  5. My old macbook ( maybe 2010) has problem with the screen, sometimes is ok than is complety black, weird right ? My lovely wife when something goes 'wrong' with the internet she closes the laptop so hard ! I told her not to do it, but guess what? I better not say anything anymore (DB….. Lol ) ha ha . I love her but I need that macbook , I have some recordings of my own songs ! I need to fix it. Thanks

  6. I was in a car and my computer decided to fly out of the bag and land on its front leaving me with a cracked computer. 😢😢😢😢

  7. I chucked it out my 2 story window and it’s in 3 pieces. When you keep saying carefully it makes me think there’s no hope

  8. yesterday i clean my screen with lens clothes which is very soft . suddenly i saw the down of the screen one huge line is like someone put glow on it . so i tired many way clean it . it goes more worst . i can see movie i can work with my macbook pro retina display but one part of the line is completely gone like broken screen . i bought my macbook pro in early 2013

  9. Great instructional video. Question, is it not possible to change out only the screen alone without having to buy a screen with the metal backing/aluminum cover of the MacBook Pro?

  10. I just knocked my husband's 2015 17 MBP off the table with my knee and broke the screen. I don't think I could do this, but it's still less to get it fixed at a store than to get a new one, especially with all of the stuff currently on it. Love Macs and have no thoughts about going back to a PC laptop by choice (work is a different story).

  11. If anyone has a half broken screen: go to settings on Mac and dock settings and move the dock to the side that isn’t cracked. Get a program called “spectacles” on safari google spectacles for Mac. Then look up how to add more icons for the top toolbar so you can move the useful icons like WiFi, Bluetooth, search, clock and stuff. You can move them by holding command (the “cmd” button next to the space bar)and click and drag the icons like WiFi search clock to the side of the screen that isn’t broken.

  12. Is this compatible with the 2015 Mac Pro as well?
    Story time, When my son was about 12months old he was very intrigued by the amazing glowing apple at the back of my MacBook Pro and I FINALLY let him get his curiosity out after soo many months of saying “no, no” lol. I didn’t think that such a small person could damage it. Sure enough he had one leg resting inside the Mac and the top part shut down on top his leg while touching and examining the glowing Apple. He pushed down and suddenly I heard a CrUncH sound😬😰 Oh no lol🤦‍♀️. No cracks on the actual screen but there is a big ugly dark line blocking the display with a bunch of other skinny lines next to it. I can still see everything except for what the lines are blocking and Apple is trying to tell me that it’s water damage and that they can’t repair🙄 I couldn’t figure out how to fix it so thanks for this video✌️

  13. im so pissed this freshman wants to throw my bookbag across the classroom while i have my computer in there which makes my computer crack on one side and i have apple care on the computer but im sooo scared to tell my dad because i just got this 😭 and its a mac book air

  14. you should do more movies like this video Aaron, or maybe a video showing how to clean a macbook inside etc…

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