MacBook Pro 2016 vs 2010 MacBook Pro (Display, Audio, Benchmark)

MacBook Pro 2016 vs 2010 MacBook Pro. Comparing two Apple Mac laptop computer from two different eras (second versus fourth generation), although, leaving behind the 2012 and 2015 models, i may say that In 7 years of computer technology (Apple) notebooks evolved significantly.

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Without talking about design, weight and size, the differences here are quite significant. In terms of connectivity and storage it was a step forward, from Hard Drive to PCI-e Flash storage, no DVD drive, from USB 2 and Fire-Wire 800 ports to Thunderbolt 3, from a more vibrant Retina Display, more colourful and redefined display (better for the eyes i may say), to a more accurate trackpad, and “key traveling” keyboard.

In terms of reliability, the 2010 MacBook pro give me two. I had to buy another 85W power supply and the replacement of the internal hard drive cable.

With the mid 2010 MacBook Pro I was able to produce over 200 youtube videos with Full HD resolution. Some of these videos are still available on this site for those interested to watch them.

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23 thoughts on “MacBook Pro 2016 vs 2010 MacBook Pro (Display, Audio, Benchmark)

  1. I bought my MacBook pro mid-2010 for $200 dollars. Unfortunately, it came with a screen issue. There is like white marks on some parts of the screen but overall it works pretty well. The battery needs to be replaced tho.

  2. I am still using the mackbook pro 2010,9 years ago its still working! I love Apple haha but I am going to buy the new one,I will collect it because it is my memory of nine years!

  3. always the people in the comments feeling urged to defend a outdated product because they own it and cant afford a new one lol no offense but its true

  4. Still prefer the 2010. I hate the layout of the new macbook pros. The touchbar is dumb, the trackpad is too big, the arrow keys are awkward, and life is too short to carry a pocket full of cables and dongles just to use ethernet and usb thumb drives. This is not a laptop designed for actual keyboard work.

  5. i have a 2010 mbp 13 but i just ordered a used 2017 mbp 15 instead of shelling out money to upgrade parts i just went ahead and upgraded plus it comes with 2gb gddr5 and its just better overall

  6. I'm still using a MacBook pro mid 2010… 9 years (in computer industry that's an eternity) and i'm still in love with it, especially after replacing the HDD with an SSD 4 years ago.
    For everyday use it still works like a charm, no other laptop lasted me so long.
    Back when apple was still a serious company and not a money maker machine.
    Good job Apple (of the past)!

  7. Really the old MacBook Pro is just as fast has the same battery life and more ports and cost less
    Like look the MacBook Pro is bigger but the new one is small which is good because it's not that thick but for me I have really big hands and I can't use small stuff. But yeah the old and new MacBook Pro are cool I gusss.

  8. I have 2010 mac with an ssd its super fast but i dont recommend it for rendering or any heavy work.

  9. The audio test was bullshit, how can you judge the audio quality if you are playing it for less than a second? You don’t deserve to make comparison videos if you continue this bullshit

  10. I updated my 2010 £140 Macbook Pro RAM from 4 to 8 and it's absolutely fine – also the keyboard has a great feel to it

  11. конченый блять мак, заебали уже эппл делать блять только хуже ос из-за которой нихя работать не хочет

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