MACBOOK PRO 2015 in 2019 (TOP REASONS why you should buy!!)

Hey guys!

I’m back with another video, and here I share all my thoughts and opinion for the 2015 Macbook Pro (Mid-2015). This is my personal laptop for almost three years now and this thing still handles every tasks. Keep on watching the TOP REASONS why you SHOULD buy this in 2019!!

You can buy the Macbook Pro 2015 15″ here 🙂

For the Macbook Pro Palm Rest Cover;

Macbook Pro 15″ 2012-2015 —
Macbook Pro 15″ 2016-2018–

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MACBOOK PRO 2015 in 2019 (TOP REASONS why you should buy!!)


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Thank you guys and ‘til next time! Enjoy!! ☺️


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28 thoughts on “MACBOOK PRO 2015 in 2019 (TOP REASONS why you should buy!!)

  1. I'm currently looking at a maxed out 2014 MBP 15"
    2.8GHz quad core i7
    1TB SSD flash storage
    Intel Iris Pro & GT 750M with 2GB of GDDR5
    Asking $1100 Canadian

    Is this a good price and will it perform well for video editing ( some 4k editing )

  2. Hi great video! Is this mac book good for logic pro x recording studio? Whats the memory like? When will it freeze from overload?

  3. You have autocad and Sketchup ! are you architect ! i want to buy 2015 one but i am so confuse ! can you tell me your experiences ! i am architect !

  4. Top 10 reasons why you should buy a 2015 MacBook Pro in 2019:
    1) I have one to sell!!! (lucky you!!!) 😉
    2 – 10) I need the money to upgrade to a newer/faster/better MacBook Pro… 🙄

  5. Yup! I agree I just bought a Mid 2015 MacBook Pro Retina 15” 2.8 GHz 16GB RAM 1TB SSD w/ Dual Graphics for $1,113.00 on eBay.

  6. Albeit your video kinda sucks and the first 4 minutes are absolutely waste of time, I bought a 2015 model (2,5/16/512/R370) yesterday for 1200$. The entire screen, topcase and battery had been replaced last month, so its like a new macbook with all the good stuff like ports and reliable keyboard I love so much!

  7. I had the Macbook Pro 2015 13 inch until one of my friends damaged it by dropping it on a hard surface. I seriously considering buying this 15 inch and after seeing this video I'm sold!

  8. im about to get the 2015 macbook pro i7 2.2 16 ram 1tb ssd. will these be powerful and fast for prodution and pro tools engineering

  9. 2012-2015: Best Macbook Pros.
    Everything since 2016: Bullshit.

  10. I really really wish you hadn't added the last part about the logo. Made me completely lose all respect you had gained through the rest of the video.

  11. Is this still a good option for a multimedia student? Programming, video editing, photoshop etc.

  12. I was pondering the idea of getting the Macbook Pro mid-2015 in 2019 exactly for the same reasons (i.e. backlit apple logo, various ports, etc). Your video gave me that little-final push I needed as I was still thinking whether the extra money was worth it. I did it just 5 days ago as I was lucky enough to find a mint-condition like unit at a good price (about 1K USD) and I couldn't be happier with my choice! 😀

  13. I'm watching this video on my 2019 Alienware A51m with Intel i9 9900K, Nvidia RTX 2080, 128 GB DDR4, 1TB SSD, 144 HZ with G-Sync and Tobi eye tracker Monitor

  14. That’s the one I have in front of me right now. This thing is excellent…..and tough! I dropped it while moving and it fell 6ft to asphalt. Got all dented up but works flawless💻

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