Macbook Pro 17" still good in 2020?

In early 2011 Apple has unveiled the revision of the unibody MacBook Pro with 17 inch display which was originally introduced back in 2009. It was a huge deal back in the day, but the real question is – can it still be used after nearly ten years?

► Hardware specs:
Macbook Pro 17″ Early 2011
Intel i7 2720qm 2.2Ghz
2x2GB of DDR3 1066Mhz
500Gb HDD

► Gear:
Apple iPhone 8 64gb
Trust Radi microphone
Zomei LED light with stand

► Music used:
Floating by Smith The Mister
Smith The Mister
Free Download / Stream:
Music promoted by Audio Library

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3 thoughts on “Macbook Pro 17" still good in 2020?

  1. Hey! How did u Manage to run Catalina on that MacBook? Also have you ever heard about problems with the Mac shutting dow or rebooting itself while using FCPX or Premiere Pro or any app which use as a fair amount of graphics?

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