Macbook Pro 15" Quad Core i7 (Early 2011) Review

Macbook Pro 15″ Quad Core i7 (Early 2011) Review


Upgrading RAM:

Installing a new HDD:

Assassins Creed II Demo:

iMac 2010 vs MBA 2010 vs MBP 2011:

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Macbook Pro 15″ Quad Core i7 (Early 2011) Review 2.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 500GB 5400-rpm AMD Radeon HD 6490M with 256MB GDDR5 Intel HD Graphics 3000 new thunderbolt port external display daisy chain theunits3 iglaswegian glasgow scotland scottish tech macbook new review comparison 2011


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50 thoughts on “Macbook Pro 15" Quad Core i7 (Early 2011) Review

  1. Resetting the Parameter RAM
    One easy fix for many issues is to simply reset the parameter RAM to its default state. This will cause some data to be lost, specifically the date, the time, and the startup volume selection.Luckily, you can easily correct these settings using your Mac's System Preferences.
    The steps needed to reset the parameter RAM are the same, regardless of whether your Mac uses NVRAM or PRAM.
    Shut down your Mac.
    Turn your Mac back on.
    Immediately press and hold the following keys: command+option+P+R. That's four keys: the command key, the option key, the letter P, and the letter R. You must press and hold these four keys before you see the gray screen during the startup process.
    Continue to hold down the four keys. This is a long process, during which your Mac will restart on its own.
    Finally, when you hear the second startup chime, you can release the keys.
    Your Mac will finish the startup process.

  2. I have one… i7 2.0Ghz + SSD. Ultra low performance level for music production, especially for Logic X and Cubase 7.5.
    But it works well for Serato, NI Traktor or Pioneer RekordBox DJ.

  3. Guys my macbook pro (15' I7) just started giving my problems.. it crashes and needs me to reset my pram. How do i fix it.. is it the HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE problem. please help. thanx in advance.

  4. Thanks for the kind words :). I don't have a Macbook Pro any longer. My machines are iMac (mid 2010) and a Macbook Air 2011. That said, the Macbook Pro is a strong machine and the prices will have come down a little bit since yesterday as Apple launched new Macbook Pros.

  5. Hey theunits3, love your videos! been subscribed for over 2 years! Your he reason i bought my MBA. I am thinking of buying a MacBook Pro 2.0GHz quad-core only refurbished. Are you still happy with the performance of this machine? I'm a high school student, the main thing i will be be using is Photoshop and a little Final Cut. Will this do the job for the next few years? Cheers, would really appreciate if you got back to me

  6. But if you upgrade the hard drive yourself, won't this void the warranty? If so, won't AppleCare be invalid

  7. @SuperEnigmation i say if u need a big moniter go for a macbook pro 17 inch having a laptop support a large moniter in my oppinion is kinda pointless because you could either use a laptop with a large moniter or just a desktop

  8. @SuperEnigmation yes your right best bang for your buck for MACS but not for a computer. Stick with a pc go with a mac if you feel like spending a few extra dollars on something different.

  9. @SuperEnigmation its beacuse they put too much money into the aluminium that it takes to make it but still macs are roughly $500 over priced and the higher end once heat up too much because their design is to make the aluminium act like a heat sink.

  10. When do you think the redesign will happen? I'm buying a MacBook Pro 15" when I go back to uni but don't want to spend this much to find it's been replaced by a new design.

  11. (Sorry for my english, I'm a french student^^)

    Does the quality of AMD Radeon HD 6490M is correct ?
    I would buy this model but I read the graphic card was bad…
    What's your opinion ?

    Thank's !

  12. @MrPsYcHo677 Oh yes, you should get the 6750M. The overall performance is better and you'll get 1GB dedicated video memory, instead of 256 MB.

  13. I still find it a rip off in my opinion you figgure with the switch to amd graphics that would make macs cheaper right? But it doesn't they are still just as expensive as ever a $1200 pc can run circles around this thing and it's still more pratical to own it than a mac. I do admit the quallity of the hardware and the os is better than 95% of pc's toshiba being the only one that can compete in terms of quallity but it doesn't make sence that they are so expensive. The name is what your paying.

  14. @magand26 thanks for the kind comment :D. The mats you are referring to are 'app coasters' for place tea/coffee. I got it from a website which doesn't operate anymore, it was iphoneappcoastersDOTcom or something like that. You may want to search on Google or something 😀

  15. where did you get the place mats from please i really want them after i saw them in your vid also thank-you for the video and effort you put into this great job and loving the accent. you should make a video on how to do your accent thank you and bye

  16. Dude… I just forgot that I even cared about the MBP review… the accent.. I just wish I could reprogram my mouth to have your accent!!! Sweetness!! You should have ended it saying: "THIS IS SPARTA!"

  17. Dude… I just forgot that I even cared about the MBP review… the accent.. I just wish I could reprogram my mouth to have your accent!!! Sweetness!!

  18. @TheMusicianDood its nothing to do with paranoia to voice critizism. You want me to jubilate when apple makes ppl pay so much money for a cable? must be allowed to mention it, maybe they get cheaper, Apple is not god

  19. @TheMusicianDood a cable like that probably costs 50 cents to produce in China, shows you what pigs apple are

  20. it would be a beast if it got 8 giga ram for that kind of money. I m sure apple has the money and the profits to go an extra length. The price for a power cable for apple is ridiculous too

  21. it would be a beast if it got 8 giga ram for that kind of money. I m sure apple has the money and the profits to go an extra length.

  22. @parteienforscher i have the 2.2ghz i7 2011 model and mine has not got a heating issue. the highest temp i have got mine up to was 94ish degrees. but it has never overheated. hope that helps!

  23. Zen, you do know you can connect a mini display port cable between this macbook and your iMac right? Thus using the iMac as a 2nd display. Just thought it would be a nice tip to mention in your pod cast and would have looked better than your half covered USB plug lol. sorry if i sound negative buddy.

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