Macbook Pro 13"/ 15" Screen Replacement Full Version

This video show you a process to replace the Macbook / Macbook Pro 13″ and 15″ Screen. All the woking processed under our professional technician and professing equipment.

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21 thoughts on “Macbook Pro 13"/ 15" Screen Replacement Full Version

  1. Everything was ok but im still wondering why you didnt apply any adhesive on the glass panel. U cleaned it but didnt apply new adhesive

  2. Full version? Where is the adhesive for the front glass to hold it in place? Is it special ready made adhesive strips or do you take a random ones and cut away the piece tjhat would cover the isight camera with a razor blade then slap it on there? Do you use heat to reinstall the front glass or just pressure? Not bad but not complete.

  3. Hi. Just wanted to ask my mac book screen is showing vertical lines. What could be the issue ? There was no physical trauma to it. When the screen is being adjusted the display improves. Can there be a connectors issue. I mean can screen problems be because of loose connector and you tighten it up and it becomes ok.

  4. No entiendo como pueden usar ese tipo de pistola de aire caliente, no regulan el calor y desoldan hasta tubos con eso.

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