MacBook Air i7 (2020) – Is The Most Powerful Air Worth It?

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The 2020 MacBook Air finally has more powerful quad core cpu options, but is the core i7 model worth the extra $250 investment over the core i3, and are there any issues with the more powerful CPU thermal throttling? And may this option actually be better than the entry level 13-inch MacBook Pro?
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26 thoughts on “MacBook Air i7 (2020) – Is The Most Powerful Air Worth It?

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  2. these reviews suck, its all numbers. The i7 processor doesn't go into sleep mode every time the computer sits a few minutes, it's always ready to go. i5 and i3 have to re engage all the time, this is not measured by bench mark tests.

  3. I bought this base model i3 Macbook Air. I am a Computer programmer. I use Python language. Heavy usage of email. Always have 5 to 6 tabs open in my safari browser. Most of the times songs are running on itunes in the background. This laptop is working great. No heating issues. It always stays in between 54 degrees celcius to 74 degrees. It is an awesome laptop at a great price for majority of people unless you want to do photo editing or Video editing. TRUST ME !

  4. Please help me with these configurations for

    Macbook Air

    And Macbook Pro

  5. Im trading in my 2017 MBP. Its stage lighting and a USB port is failing. This video helped with my MBA choice. I think im gonna go with the i5 and 16gb of ram.

  6. Thx for posting. Does the i7 get too hot for the lap when on couch or bed? Can you try Counter Strike Global Offensive on the lowest settings and see what FPS you get? very curious!

  7. If this is not considered to be throttling, I think this world need one more performance index beside only base clock and boost clock. Why bother telling those 2 numbers that really means nothing. How about another number that tell how much GHz can cpu perform all core over 5 min of time, this would make lots of sense. You know that 1.4GHz i5 on 2019 pro would rather kill some 2.0GHz on some model.

  8. I wonder if the CPU can be user upgradeable like on some laptops, so you can get the i3 version and upgrade it yourself to i7 and weather or not it would be worth it or is the price difference not that much? Maybe in a few years when 10th gen CPU prices drop.

  9. since u'll using this baby for video editing, would like to know the cooling fan performance with the heavy task

  10. I don't understand why every review leans on the 8th gen i5 in the pro vs the 10th gen i5 in the air. The air has a 10th gen 10watt fanless cpu whereas the pro has a 15 watt ultrabook cpu. The 15w 8th gen is objectively much more powerful as a CPU, and has active cooling. Sure the 10th gen 10w might have a theoretical 50% better graphics, but 50% more nothing is still nothing. In practice, the better cooling (but still horrible) of the pro is going to destroy the air in any non netbook task. I mean the real question is, how long is the 8gb ram going to last you before you no longer feel like you own a premium netbook? You know the ram is the killer in the long run, that why they give you an i5 for $100 but another 8gb ram is $200… hint: 8 more gigs of ram isn't worth anywhere near $200. That's why last year they sold the 13 inch pro with 128gb SSD. Microsoft is just as bad, the Surface Go 2 uses 4 gigs ram, 64gb emmc and the 4th gen Y processor in its base model, with a max of 8/128 and the core M from the discontinued macbook. They are making intentionally poor products that will leave you wanting something new in a year or two. The lack of heatpipe and discouraging ram price are part of the planned obsolecence. $1000 is a really hard sell for a laptop that can barely run chrome when brand new. The only reason I'm here is because I'm shopping for someone who is not a nerd. I just can't will myself to spend $1000 on an intentionally handicapped product, sandboxed OS asside. I'll probably just get the i5 8th gen pro 13 with 16gigs of ram and call it a day… Which kills me… because at that price it should have at bare minimum a GTX1050… and an SD card slot… and a full size HDMI… Fucking ram soldering, 128gb ssd soldering, no SD card slot cocksuckers… Tim Crapple if you ask me… lol

  11. The base i3 outperforms pretty much any previous MacBook Airs in Geekbench in their charts last I checked so if you ever considered or used a Air, you are good with even the i3 version. The i5 and i7 are just icing on the cake.

  12. Hi Greg. I am trying to decide which MacBook to buy, would you recommend MBA i7/16 gb ram or base level of new MBP (I want to upgrade to 16gb ram). I heard that MBA are heating a bit ? In the other hand I am getting faster memory and better processor than MBP ?

  13. I wasn't surprised by the results. It's only .1 GHz faster. But still having an i7 over an i5 does have benefits at times. I can't think of any on the modern MacBook Air.

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