MacBook Air (2020) i3 VS i7: Should You Upgrade?

Should you upgrade from the base dual-core i3 processor to the quad-core i7 processor? We test it the 2020 MacBook Air to find out!
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47 thoughts on “MacBook Air (2020) i3 VS i7: Should You Upgrade?

  1. I bought i7 with 16 Ram on 10 percent battery i achieved 1275/3273. I tested streaming on apple tv with retina settings. Obviously it runs smoother with my iphone and ipad pro. 4 k as well 2k video on chrome was not possible to run smoothly. Its stutter all the time. Beside these complains a nice device with a very fast fingerprint. I sold after 1 day using. At least i would go for the macbook pro.

  2. I bought this base model i3 Macbook Air. I am a Computer programmer. I use Python language. Heavy usage of email. Always have 5 to 6 tabs open in my safari browser. Most of the times songs are running on itunes in the background. This laptop is working great. No heating issues. It always stays in between 54 degrees celcius to 74 degrees. It is an awesome laptop at a great price for majority of people unless you want to do photo editing or Video editing. TRUST ME !

  3. Apple shaft the fuck out of people duel core for $999 😂😂😂😂😂😂 also good luck keeping the i7 cool with an attached fan 😀

  4. Great laptop⤇>JustU.Faith/Apple_Air?阪   really good bandwidth (I easily get over 300 mbps download). The battery lasts fairly long, but only takes like half an hour to charge.

  5. such an annoying voice. Stop talking through your nose!
    Also not a real-world comparison, misinforming users to the max.

  6. I ordered the i7 because it was not that much extra money here (in the Netherlands) But now I am scared because of all of the problems with heat etc. But I am just using it for Uni so idk

  7. This is a terrible review. A lot of people are finding out that MacBook Air has serious throttling issues. It would be a waste of money to get anything above an i3

  8. The new i7 is super powerful and even more efficient than the i5. Def get the i7. It's worth it, if you want to keep your MBA for longer.

  9. This video will not help less knowledgeable user and will even prompt them to make possibly a bad purchase decision. Appleinsider is a site with a good reputation, i can't believe you are putting this video out. Geekbench scores do not translate to real world performance at all particularly when the cooling solution as in this case is abysmal. While you are at it please mention that it as almost 3 times the GPU score of the Macbook Pro 13 even if real video and gaming test gives it little more than half the performance of the pro.

  10. Absolutely gargabe.

    You didn't talk at all about throttling issues on the quad-core models. You didn't talk about graphics benchmarks even though you said the i7 comes with better integrated graphics than the i3. You didn't mention that the i5 poses a MUCH better value at only a $100 upgrade and still gives you a quad-core processor.

    All you've done is convince a poor fraction of buyers to spend $250 more for an upgrade that won't even reach the advertised boost speeds. It's deception. You should be ashamed of yourself and not call yourself a reviewer.

  11. You conveniently forgot to mention that the i5 & i7 models of the MacBook Air overheat and thermal throttle significantly because Apple didn’t properly connect the heat sink to the fan so sure $250 extra for the i7 but you won’t be able to take advantage of the power gains because it’ll thermal throttle. And even for daily tasks like web browsing, media consumption, and documents, the i5 and i7 get very hot and the fan gets super loud. The MacBook Air should really only be an i3 option this year until Apple finally does a proper refresh of how they manage heat in these machines. Otherwise you’re just wasting your money. If you want the power of the i7, get a MacBook Pro. If you want that power but in the MacBook Air portability form-factor, get the iPad Pro.

  12. only US,Some of my products need to be review, and the products are all given away for free. If you are interested, please contact me.

  13. i'm interested in the MBA but not sure if i should go for the i3 or i5… in my general life i would primarily use it for web browsing and microsoft office apps, however, during this pandemic am running Zoom (Video conferencing) on and off for several hours during the week. should i go for the i5? i'm concerned about overheating and the fan constantly running

  14. I just got mine 2 days ago. Silver 512gb 16gb RAM Core i7. Geekbench 4 scores are 5686 for the Single-Core Score and 16027 for the Multi-Core Score. The speed is incredible. I upgraded from the 2017 MacBook Air. Hope this helps!

  15. i7 is the worst choice of them all!!! Dont even go there. In day to day usage the i3 tops both i5 and i7 in: fan noise, heat, battery, price and on par with performance….The i3 is the no brainer choice

  16. Why there always has to be camera movement involved? Put some clips with scores or graphs, show temperature and sound difference. Totally pointless ..

  17. Here in The Netherlands going from an i3 to an i5 is just a 50 euro upgrade, its a no-brainer for way better performance and future proofing.

  18. wow! Havent seen this worthless of a video in a long time. Real world comparisons please! Test the thermals! Dah!

  19. How about the thermal condition? Does the i3 model has any benefit to reduce the temperature or fan speed when it does same work?

  20. Horrible 'review'. No screenshots of scores, no graphs. Not even still images of the i3 vs. i7 scores. We get a panning video @2:04 where your eyes try to catch the moving numbers before they're gone! Not to mention, this isn't even a review. It's a look at geekbench numbers. No real world tests. Want to improve? Show us performance differences with 30 tabs and 10 documents (student use), or Photoshop use, or some render times, basic video editing, anything other than a score that doesn't mean much to most people! The i5 or i7 are not going to improve the experience of browsing and typing, an i3 would be great for that. On the other hand an i3 would not be the best for Photoshop or some light video editing, if you're doing that on a regular basis, go with an i5. If you're doing that a lot, go with an i7 or consider the MacBook Pro 2020 (better cooling).

  21. Hey i am an app developer is macbook air suitable for running flutter and doing multi tasking at same time like solving bugs,errors please make a video on this it would be helpful

  22. Started as a Windows guy 20 years ago, became a Mac guy 10 years ago, but when I compared the Air to the XPS 13, I was surprised by how much better the Dell is. Though now I’m stuck in the Apple ecosystem and waiting on the next Pro.

  23. The MacBook Air seems decent.
    Now, if they could only come out with a new MacBook PRO instead of the current DongleBook thing they have now.

  24. watched other vids and the i3 is as loud and hot as the i5 config. 🤦‍♂️ like seriously apple… can u make your next mac even more THINNER ?

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