Mac Screen Problem: Flickering, Weird Colors, Glitches & Bars/Lines (27-Inch iMac late 2013)

My 27-Inch iMac (late 2013) got a defect: weird display problem with vertical & horizontal glitches. Guess how much it cost me to repair 🙂

Initially we thought it would be “just” a Bad Display – but when the Genius Guy ran a series of diagnostics, the GPU failed!

Replacing both parts would in fact be replacing the whole motherboard (GPU is a fixed part of the logic board) and the whole front (front glass/LCD/display controller) – so, it would cost more than half of what I originally paid in my iMac in 2013.

My iMac is my working tool, how I pay the bills. Of course this episode made me remember of the time I used to have a regular PC, completely modular… Once I had a bad monitor, and I just purchased a new and better one. Today, by having an iMac, there is no other option than taking it to Apple for service, and it is expensive. But I really cannot see myself using Windows again, so…

If you like to repair things yourself (or just want to see the insides of an iMac), take a look:

How to remove and replace an iMac display – by iFixit

– (how to remove the display)
– (how to re-apply a display)

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25 thoughts on “Mac Screen Problem: Flickering, Weird Colors, Glitches & Bars/Lines (27-Inch iMac late 2013)

  1. The Display has nothing to do with this problem, your display was fine. The problem was in the cable connecting your display to the motherboard it's called LVDS cable. It would have costed you a 100$ maximum, but apple charged you a whole new 27"" display because they want more profit, and of course they took the 600$ and the old display an d gave another one. Anyway i hope your mac is doing great!

  2. Just had this problem with my Macbook 13". It slipped off the bed (not the first time) and then the lines at the bottom of the screen started. No damage, screen hinges normal. My first thought was a video connection to the display had come loose, not a processor or card failure.

  3. I remember last year happened 2 3 times; cannot see anything n showed glitcehs in screen.
    Then i tried a bit hard just for can restart/ shutdown, trying a bit hard for aiming restart/ shutdown (hard to see the cursor)
    it went normal again after i restart/ shutdown.
    this is good video for me. Thank you

  4. I owned a macbook pro before. Had same problem, then i bought a new macbook air because i dont have the guts to repair as it was quite costly. And 2 years later, the macbook air had the same problem. And from wht i read, mac will always hav this display problem and it varies. It somehow makes me lost faith in having another macbook. Certainly not gonna buy an imac unless i will get married to a guy that could fix it for free for me. I wish apple could improve this problem though.

  5. I occasionally get random grey speckly screens like this Maybe once a month, maybe less, that last for about a second or less. Only ever grey spreckly. Is that anything to worry about? What causes it, and should I get it looked at? Seems a rather minor thing but you never know, could be a harbinger of something bigger.

  6. Currently having this issue with a client's MacBook Pro A1708 (2016).
    I told her it was likely the screen, and that she could use an external monitor with it, but that a screen fix would be around $530.
    Nice for all these issues to start JUST AFTER APPLECARE PERIOD ENDS!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Your video was perfect and put me on the right track. Thank you it fixed my problem by plugging in my monitor cable properly. I will leave a full account with final outcome. My mid 2011 screen started flickering in Roblox games in the same way as what your video shows after I replaced the hard drive with an SSD. Part of the OWC SSD instal process(lots of videos available) was to remove and replace the monitor along with pulling the monitor ribbon cable from the tiny ribbon cable slot on the main board and then plugging it back in. The connection seemed sloppy when I put it back in upon reassembly but I thought it was good enough, how it's suppose to be and put it back together. That's when my screen flickering problem started and became worse and variable over time of a couple weeks. I ran the Apple diagnostic using the D key on start up and no problems were found, but considering if there was a loose connection the diagnostic result would be variable on a given moment. I switched memory with known working memory, nothing, still flickering. Finally I pulled the glass, on magnets for 2011, unscrewed the 8 monitor screws, tilted out the monitor and properly plugged in the cable on the main board. Problem solved and looks better than ever. SSD upgrade was also simple and mid 2011 works like lightning.

  8. My MacBook Air has some times bugs like this.
    but it's VERY Rare!! and it comes when my battery is full, and I live in Brazil, and I don't think they'll fix my Mac for free… nothing is free in Brazil.
    and also. it doesn't bother me.
    It is like a Glitch of 1 second

  9. Wow…. so because you can't be bothered to realize that Windows isn't XP any more, you will continue to buy in to Apple's wasteful, expensive walled garden. You get what you deserve.

  10. I am having this problem since almost a year now. This flickering happens so randomly, I am now in India and no apple store is capable of diagnosing it. This is such a disappointment.

    After 15 seconds or so it shuts off and if I restart, it starts fine with no display issue but fails again

  11. que llindo vídeo! amé la edición
    tengo un imac de 2011 que me gusta mucho y no quiero deshacerse de él ya cambié el hd, la pantalla.
    pero siempre pisca, yo creo que sea la placa de video.

  12. I have a 32 inch msi curved and have this problem only when I start up my pc, within a minute it's fine and has bin like this for months as my cover ran out last year for it, so will just see how it goes I suppose

  13. This video was pointless. You offered no solution to similar to exact issues others are having. You just did a fancy tutorial on how to visit a Mac store.

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