Lexus RC350…120k Miles Later

The 2016 Lexus RC350 review with 120k miles. This Lexus RC350 is the F sport trim and is similar to the Lexus IS350 F sport however, the Lexus RC350 is not just a Lexus IS350 with 2 doors. In this 2016 Lexus RC350 review with 120k miles, we will see what makes the RC different and why the RC350 is a great choice in the used car market.

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22 thoughts on “Lexus RC350…120k Miles Later


    To the ladies at Club Lexus, apparently you’re not too smart either just a bunch of contradictions and theories. You act like you made the car but you really know less than my left nut 🥜 at the end of the day. F sport changes for every Lexus but THE FEELING that I NOTICED is a faster shift logic. Maybe quit your obsessions with specs sheets and actually drive these cars

  2. Would you mind reviewing a 200t or 300 model of the Lexus RC/IS/NX at that high mileage range? I currently own a RC 200t F Sport at 25k miles, just curious to see how the turbo and how the car holds up overall at that high mileage.

  3. Had my '16 RC 350 F-Sport (AWD because it snows here) for almost 7 months now and it's just the best. It's the perfect amount of grand touring and sport and luxury.

  4. I just got a 2016 Lexus RC300 F Sport with 25K on it. Mine is white with red leather…… it looks amazing I'm very happy. I want to know what's the difference between the rc300 & rc350? I got the rc300….. I didn't even know about the rc350. Did I make a mistake or is the rc300 f sport just just as reliable? thanks

    1)LEXUS RC.

    1)LEXUS LX570(Wife and Kids)
    2)LEXUS RC (His Daily Driver)

    1) LEXUS LC500.

    TACOMA(base model), RC, LC AND LX are arguably the BEST combo.

  6. Would you suggest I wait for the new TLX or get a used 2017 RC350 F Sport with 30k miles for 30k to save money?

  7. I'm local to you, so its kinda strange seeing St. Michaels and Cary passing by in the background lol. I daily drive a 2018 RC 350 F Sport, pretty much love it. I'm just shy of 20k miles on mine so it's good seeing one holding strong at 120k. My previous car, a 2010 328xi, had major problems when it crossed 60k miles. I think the trick with understanding the RC is that it's a GT car. It's meant to slay highway miles and it does it super well. Best road trip car ever.

  8. I Own A 2014 IS350 F Sport 64k Miles. Good To Know, It Drives Just As New As Day One, 120k Later. Very Smooth/Underrated Beast Of An Engine😊

  9. Great review.

    My wife and I drove a IS350 F sport and then followed with the RC350 F sport. Even though the chassis I believe is the same? (not positive on that) The RC350 felt sportier. Better handling. We have an original IS300 that we are looking to replace and we ended up a little disappointed in the IS350.

    Curious if you have tried the RC F. Strangely enough the RC F rear body work looks less aggressive somehow than the RC350 missing some vents. But I think the acceleration would be more fun.

  10. It's strange how every time I see a Lexus GS or RC it has to be a an F sport model. I honestly can't stand the F sport trim cars for the added cost & no real improvement at all compared to the other trim levels. IMO you should get a non F sport trim for Luxury or get a ISF trim if you want performance! F sport is like the fake M badge & AMG badges stuck on cars with a body kit!

  11. I have a 2015 rc 350 AWD F Sport with 54k miles and it’s a dream. Orange with the tanish interior and it is a Touring car. It has the Mark Levingson sound system and the rare cold weather package. The wipers are on a heated windshield and headlight washers. Lexusguy@instagram

  12. Great content. Really considering this coming from an Fr-s. This seems like an overall great upgrade because it has everything I want my current car to have which is more space (but still a coupe) comfortable ride, reliability, nicer interior and a nice look.

  13. Where in the world did you feel that shifting was immediate?🤔 I literally saw/heard almost 2 seconds before the car shifted. So really f sport only adds appearance and badging🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. THANK YOU for not caring about the rear seats. I keep seeing reviews where they complain about the rear seats. Like bro its a damn coup!

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