Let it Go! Frozen Elsa Song (Cover)

Let it Go! Frozen Elsa Song (Cover) by Jazzy Skye! This is a Frozen cover song when Elsa doesn’t mean to use her powers during the party at Arendelle, but accidentally freezes the enchanted village and runs off into the unknown of the North Mountain. She sings of the freedom she feels when she can “Let it Go” and use her mysterious powers without worry. The magic of Elsa’s voice is covered here by 10 year old Jazzy Skye as she reinacts Elsa’s powers and movie in real life. Answers and clues to her past and future unfold as the magic and power of her voice dance and sparkle around her. Will Elsa be safe in the mountains with her powers? Or will Anna show up and convince her to return as Queen of Arendelle and un-freeze the town?

Elsa is such an amazing character and so is Anna. Our kids loved playing these amazing characters in our parodies and skits. In honor of the awesome new “Frozen 2” movie coming out in theaters on Nov 22, 2019, we thought it would be fun to do a few Frozen videos for everyone. Kalia is our little Anna, and Jazzy is our Elsa. Both Kalia and Jazzy had fun recording their voices in “Into the Unknown,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” “Let it Go.” Even Kade got into the action and will soon release his version of the fun and silly Olaf song, “When I’m Older.” Should we have Jack sing “Lost in the Woods” by Kristoff? What’s your favorite Frozen song?

The Fun Squad kids at Kids Fun TV have had so much fun watching each new Frozen 2 trailer this year. We really love the new Frozen 2 movie. Elsa and Anna are such great sisters, and Jazzy and Kalia are such great sisters in real life also. Jazzy and Kalia had so much fun playing Anna and Elsa in these Frozen video. Go check out the new Frozen 2 movie in theaters! We watched it opening night and we are so excited to see Elsa and Anna along with all of the other fun Frozen characters like Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, the trolls and the mysterious new characters they encounter on their journey!

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