Lego Robot Game – Lego Technic

It is time to play. Two Lego Robots in one game. Inspired by FRC 2019 competition. Can Lego Robots complete the challenging task?
Powered by BuWizz:

In this video I wanted to show that it is possible to build anything from Lego and even recreate a simplified version of FRC stage. My Dad controlled one of the robot in this video , guess which one?
It took almost 4 weeks to build two robots, stage and film the game.

Technical elements:
POWERED by BuWizz :

27 Lego PF Motors
5 BuWizz bricks
2 Sony PS4 Controllers
Custom built rocket and cargo ship 🙂

Music from
“Follow The Sun” by Sascha Ende (
Licence: CC BY (

“USSR” by Alexander Nakarada (
Licence: CC BY (

Springtime_Family_Band (end of video) YouTube Audio Library


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25 thoughts on “Lego Robot Game – Lego Technic

  1. I literally do not have words to describe how ridiculously insane that larger robot is! Seriously dude, that is extremely awesome! I'm guessing it's about the size of an FTC robot?!?! 18" square give or take?

  2. I wish I could meet you, the way I see you build with legos… i swear our brains work the same way! Lots of love and thanks so much for the amazing content and also for replying to my comments everytime, it means a lot to me.

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