Late 2013 MacBook Pro Unboxing in 2019!!!

Hi! Edited this video on my new MacBook Pro! Have a great weekend everyone!

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15 thoughts on “Late 2013 MacBook Pro Unboxing in 2019!!!

  1. No MacBooks have a touch screen, Apple doesn’t plan on putting a touch screen laptop out soon either

  2. So how's the macbook pro 2013 now in 2020? Is it still great? Im planning to buy one now but i wanna make sure i am not going to to waste my money for this.

  3. Could you link me to where you got this if you don’t mind? I bought one from Amazon and I’m waiting for it to come in!

  4. Did u buy that to use on a daily basis ? Cause I bought one 3 weeks ago so it looks great for 2019 and it’s cheap

  5. Got it a few days ago. It's similar but the 15". It's been about 6 yrs since so I'm relearning it. Pair it up with final cut and video editing is a breeze.

  6. I need a new computer badly! I hope you enjoy your new computer and hopefully I can get one too haha. Love the video!

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