Lady Gaga – I'll Never Love Again (Lyrics)

Lady Gaga – I’ll Never Love Again (Lyrics)

Produced by Benjamin Rice & Lady Gaga
Album A Star Is Born (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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46 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – I'll Never Love Again (Lyrics)

  1. I lost some one I loved so much , I decide to let go and start new , but there is something inside so painful, I don't know why but I know its for best , I fooled my heart and my soul , so let this pain teach me lesson let it pass but no more love

  2. I would imagine that this song describes perfectly how Vanessa Bryant is feeling about her dear husband, Kobe.❤

  3. How is it like being loved?
    How is it like being in love?
    I want to belive in love.
    I wish I was loved tbh.

  4. She's so beautiful like in her new music video Stupid Love. Simply or Extraordinarily look, she's still beautiful. 😭🌹

  5. i sobbed in that theater. Her performance of this song hit me in my soul. I cried as she sang this. The entire movie was incredible! Bradley was amazing (as usual) Lady Gaga is gorgeous with that natural look. I just cant get enough of this, I am going to go see it again this week. The film, Bradley & Lady Gaga ALL deserve awards. Hands down one of the best films I've seen in awhile.

  6. 3 months ago …I had a man and I loved him so much. full of love ..I can call it perfect …without fight both been loyal third party ..the reason why we broke up was the impossible things that can’t be happen’s really complicated.
    Eventually, we reached years of love and immediately he broke up with me and after 2 months …I saw him with other girl.

    In fact, I was totally broke. And
    I was totally lost then I realized that he is not worthy of my tears.

    I still loved him but now I will keep move on …Hoping the best smile to him. I will try to be happy for him cause that's how much I loved him…flash back…

  7. From Bad Romance to Alejandro, Gaga nailed this one…. it killed me….. so deep nostalgic and powerful…. loveu LG…..❤️

  8. I had a girl and I loved her so much but when we reached years of love she broke up with me and after3days I saw her with other man.
    I was totally broke.
    I tried to talk to her that maybe we could still fix this but she said "dont bother me now coz I'm happy with him"
    I was totally lost then I realized that she is not worthy of my tears.
    I still loved her but now I will move on and give the best smile to her. I will try to be happy for her coz thats how much I loved her

  9. My dad died a year ago … This song suits my mom so much….😭😭 I'm crying my heart out for my mommy…. I miss my daddy so much 😩

  10. I used to like new version of lady gaga now.. She makes me crying every time i listen this song…😢

  11. She is the most amazing singer & ill keep listening to her music…with somebody….I love her voice…touching😊😘

  12. Just feeling broke 💔 when hearing this song 🎵 🎵 it is really make me realise how much I love you 🌹 my 🐯 tiger Kwan…
    Can't falling love with another n your words still strong in my ears😢😢😪😭😭

  13. I hope I go away before my beloved husband does. I don't want to live w/o him. Don't Want Our Love Story To End, but I know it is.

  14. January 11, 2020. Still loving this song. The sadness is very evident. I really love this.

  15. This song is so beautiful!!!!! The arrangement is so old-school, which makes it even more beautiful to listen to!! It feels like i'm back to the 90's.

  16. I've watched this many times. Everytime i watched this, can't help myself to hold back my tears while listening to her music while reading the comments below. May everyone be happy.

  17. I never thought that I will felt in love again and suffer so much after the breakout; this song says everything after that.

  18. I lost my wife in 2013. This song says everything I couldn't say but, feel every emotion she's singing of.

  19. I wish she would drop the Lady Lady Gaga and use her real name. Stefani Germanotta. Gaga days are behind her. She's a totally renewed actress now. She's taken her talent to the next level. Love your talent Stefani….

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