Is the original Retina MacBook Pro still good in 2019?

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In this video we’ll take a look back at the original mid 2012 retina MacBook Pro 15″ to see how it holds up in 2019. The original MacBook Pro with Retina display was a troubled machine, and it represents both an enormous leap in innovation and a step away from repairability and upgradability. Regardless of how you feel about the 2012 retina MacBook Pro, there’s no denying that it was a game changer in its time. So how does it hold up 7 years later in 2019?

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47 thoughts on “Is the original Retina MacBook Pro still good in 2019?

  1. Picked up an A-Grade 2012 Retina 15", top spec model for 475 today. Couldent ignore such a bargain

  2. Im on my 2012 late retina MBP and its wayyyyyy better than my old 2011 unibody, as its extremely portable, and in my opinion one of the best looking mbp generation

  3. A year too late, but anyways: I still rock this baby!

    From 2012 to 2016 it was my main computer. I had a Cinema display 24 that could also charge it.
    I am a video editor, music copyist nad avid gamer so the computer had plenty of opportunities to die on me instantly. But nothing of that sort happened 🙂
    My config was the basic 2.3 with 16gb and I switched the ssd for a 960gb transcend (that makes it a bit slower while booting, but nothing terrible).

    Sure, it does not hold up to todays computers, but it has never failed me. Since 2016 I've replaced two desktops that were/are my primary computer for much work but somehow there is absolutely no need for me to buy a new notebook.
    If something needs to be done on the go – I can always use my MBPr! It may take a bit more time to render (I just edit in proxies) but it gets the job done.
    And for office work or internet there is really no need for anything else.

    Btw did I mention I still have the original battery with 83% health? Hah!

    Until this computer dies on me (or I break it somehow) I shall use it.
    Maybe at that time it was really expensive, but thinking that I am using it now for 8 years makes it one of the cheapest computers I've ever owned.

  4. I own the mid-2015 MacBook Pro and it is the best laptop I ever owned. BTW Luke great video…

  5. Interesting seeing the black screen problem with this MacBook. Mine just started doing that a few months ago 🙁

  6. i have a mid 2014 13 inch mb pro with 16gb of ram, a dual core 3 ghz i7 – is that better than this? i was confused because he said this one was quad core i7

  7. i like the way my MBP starts so quickly i remember with HP there was always so much waiting such a time waster

  8. I bought one about two years ago – mid 2012, 2,3 Ghz, 8GB Ram, 256 SSD (now a 500GB OWC) – and use it daily at work. I'm an art director, use tha Adobe package and am VERY happy with this. A real value for money. I see no reason to spend a thousand dollars more to have things done in two or three seconds less.
    I'm having it serviced to a general cleanup so that it'll serve me for years and years to come. A great machine! Of course, a good buy is always a good start so, do your job and look for a nice unit if you opt for this machine.

  9. replaced the screen 350$+ ssd 75+ and battery 50+ on my late 2013 a1502 Macbook Pro this beast is still kicking total 550$+ sure it was a setback but i can look to buying a new macbook pro or even Imac which i might or even newer systems as it still hold's up after being in a box for a few months. 500+ just to bring it back to life its gonna last an i can put whatever is new towards a mac pro 2013.sure we all like to shit on mac but the system is up-gradable just not cheaply cuz of certain laws

  10. It's great i have it since new and it still does everything perfectly. Perhaps I upgrade to a 16 or 14 with time… But meanwhile I am happy like this

  11. “Video editing is a walk in the park”

    90 year old YouTuber : well I can’t walk , so is this worth ma money

  12. I've got the late 2013 Retina and it didn't have 16Gb of ram as standard, because I remember very clearly the anxiety I had, and the time I spent contemplating, if I would throw out more money or not to upgrade it from 8 to 16.

  13. Still rocking an early 2013 15-inch rMBP. If only I could upgrade the RAM! Still has the original SSD. Might be time to replace that though. Good stuff Luke, keep it up!

  14. The only problem I have had with my 2012 rMBP is the display coating. It's not super bad, but not great either. But overall it has been an amazing computer.

  15. I have the max spec version of this laptop as my daily driver.Its extremely snappy and it has enough horsepower to last me a few more years.I play GTA 5 on the laptop at 1600×900 normal setting at 70 fps average (windows 10 bootcamp) and use Mac OS for everything else. Love this little beast of a laptop.

  16. Three separate interruptions for ads/subscriber pitches in the first 5 minutes of a 12 minute video? Forget this. Why is anyone watching this?

  17. The 2012 15" retina models also had ghosting issues (image retention) on some of the lcds that they used. I think they sourced two different panels, one from Samsung and one from LG. The LG panels were the ones with issues.

    The late 2013 15" retina macbook pros and later are definitely the ones to go for if you want one. The late 2013 15" base model (256GB) does only come with 8GB of RAM though. Although most of them are out of coverage for any screen coating delamination issues you might have.

    One of my co-workers just took his 13" 2015 retina MBP to have the screen replaced for delamination issues as it was just inside the 4 year period from when he originally bought it.

  18. Hi Luke, do you know by the way, until when the retina 2012 will receive updates? thanks 😉

  19. Still using my old mbpr 2013 13". I bought another mbpr 13" 2014 as i found out these units are highly repairable nowadays but with Usb A and magsafe 2 🙂 best investment i made. Allowed me to finish lawschool

  20. 4k footage in premier would hard crash it. Black screen, multiple language error. But, for most digital design work, it's still great. With a battery refresh or probably has years left in it.

  21. I got my mid 2012 in the following specs: 2.6Ghz, i7, 8gb of ram, 512gb.
    It's been really good, it's had a few issues:
    After a year and a half of ownership, free replacement under warranty,
    About a year later I noticed some screen burn in, then about 8 months later or so the battery went again.
    Both were replaced under warranty, as well as the charger which had some cable issues.
    It ran flawlessly (other than some issues with the boot camp partition stuffing the OSX partition)
    About 3 months ago something went wrong with the charging circuit which killed the logic board.
    As I am studying engineering I use heaps of 3d modling software which is fairly ram hungry (the 8gb of ram wouldn't do it)
    So for AU$350 I was able to get a replacement logic board installed from an early 2013 with 2.7ghz with 16gb of ram. Before installation the U8900 was re-soldered with quality solder. And new thermal paste installed.

    Also a few days ago my charger shit the bed so another one was purchased for AU$113

    So since getting it for around AU$3000 (discount for education pricing) I have had to spend a total of 463$ or there abouts to keep it running. It still performs about as good as the day it was purchased, even though I use windows mostly these days it still runs windows 10 like a champ (with the help of some aftermarket precision touchpad drivers)

  22. Hi, i have an original MBP retina and after watching your video have been made aware of the video issues repair program! My screen flickers and does strange things occasionally, I’m guessing it’s the video problem as mentioned, do you know if the repair program is ongoing or finished, or can you point me in the right direction? Thanks 🙂

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