Is the new 2017 MACBOOK PRO better than 2016 Apple fail?

I returned the 2016 macbook pro and recently got the 2017 updated model from apple. Now I have used it for 3 months, I’ll tell you what I like and dislike about it.
Check out my video, why I returned my macbook bro:




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21 thoughts on “Is the new 2017 MACBOOK PRO better than 2016 Apple fail?

  1. here I am 2020 , And looking at my first macbook. iI have an Ipad pro, an Iphone, etc, but have only owned windows. I’m looking for advice on an used macbook pro 26 or 17 that’s why I’m here. any advice I would love. thank you

  2. How do you type with that Super Avenger on. Mine always wanted to rest on the edge of the computer I always had to take it off hated the metal on metal.

  3. Cant turn notifications off? I'm pretty damn sure you can. It's in the settings for under "notifications" and you can turn on or off badges and banners for individual apps. I don't know what kind of notifications you are speaking of.

  4. In where I live, there are some stores that still selling the base model of the 2015 15" Macbook pro. I already have a powerful PC, and I would only use the laptop for some graphic design work and I may even start to learn on the final cut pro. Would you still recommend the 2015 model or right now got to the 2018 13" Laptop? Again, I am deciding to use it for some basic designing rather than a heavy use

  5. To click and drag with a Mac touchpad you must double tap and hold on the second tap. It would be stupid if you had to push and physically click and then drag…. literally just “tap tap; drag” and just like that, you’re criticism of the trackpad is wrong…

  6. I really like OSX but I don't want the Macbook Vista.
    I'm still using heavily upgraded Macbook 2011 and Mac Pro 2010, but I am using Windows and Linux more and more as Apple just isn't selling powerful and useful computers.

  7. I'm just so confused. No HDMI? Not even 4k TVs have USB C ports. Does the touch pad really need to be that big? What for?

    This is the latest MacBook and one that I need to use for programming since my laptop now is on it's last legs. I probably have to wait until September for the new one to come out and I can't afford to wait that long. Ah geez.

  8. There are a lot of products with Thubderbolt 3 connection. I don't understand your complaints about dongles. You can connect them directly.

  9. I think you should spend sometime with 'asdf' and learn to type without looking at the keyboard. It might just help since u stuck with Mac.

  10. I WANT to buy a macbook really bad but i cannot justify doing so, the problem is that you need to wait for apple to release a near perfect product for the price they are asking instead of tweaking and customizing it yourself like you would a pc

  11. I strongly agree with the notion that Apple needs to back off on the notifications/upgrade prompts. As you said, we are fully capable of deciding when we are ready to upgrade.

  12. Makes no sense for half of what you're saying, they're Identical in the trackpad and the keys…. only difference is the processor. I actually prefer my 2016 over the wifes 2017 trading off I notice zero difference.Funny as well my Satchi drive has the 2 pin for the dongle support maybe you bought older version???

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