Is the 2015 15" Macbook Pro A Good Buy in 2020?

Hey ya’ll what’s good? The 2015 Macbook pro is an amazing deal and piece of technology. In this video, I’ll talk about why the 2015 MBP still holds value in 2020 and what you should watch out for if you’re thinking of getting one.

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23 thoughts on “Is the 2015 15" Macbook Pro A Good Buy in 2020?

  1. Many questions here and I'm summarizing some of the answers:
    – is this laptop suitable for college work?
    Yes, this computer will work beautifully for most college students. Caveat here is if you're planning to run some heavy lifting with graphics or video editing. I edit with this on final cut pro and it works great.

    – can I use this for college programming work?
    Absolutely, this will work great. I use this for my side projects, upload the projects to the cloud.

    – what's a good price to get one?
    $7-900 is pretty good based on what I've found for the dual graphics mid range model with 512 GB storage.

    – should I get one?
    Yes 🙂 it's awesome

    – how does this compare to modern macbook air?
    They're both different – the mbp works well for all types of workload, whereas the air is light, has long battery life but is a tad weaker on the processing front. Get the mbp if you can as its at a steep discount due to depreciation.

    – can I upgrade this laptop if I want to?
    Yes! The storage can be upgraded with a modern NVME ssd.

  2. should i get the base model 13" macbook pro 2015 [with i5, 8gb ram + 128gb SSD]?

    i will be using applications like word, powerpoint – playing games like minecraft, web surfing + youtube

    please let me know thanks

  3. I actually downgrades to 2015 MacBook Pro 15 inch with dual graphics from a 2016 MacBook Pro 13 inch and I’m loving it!!!! Works just as great with my needs!

  4. In my country those used 2015 15 inch Macbook Pros are sold for 1400€ and higher…

    I think in this case its way more worth to get the 2019 base 16 inch from Apples refurbished store for roughly 2200€ and just use it for 6+ years.

  5. hello is the top end version of this macbook pro suitable for 1080P (up to 60 fps) video editing? What program do you recommend for video editng?

    Did you also know that this is tge last macbook that had an optical audio output?

    your video was very entertaining and informative!

  6. How many more years do you think this will last? I want to switch to Mac OS from windows, but I currently use a lenovo yoga 720 with an i7-7700hq, 16gb ram, gtx 1050, 1TB SSD. Is this Mac a significant downgrade or do you think they would be pretty even? I can get the dual gfx 2.5 ghz model with 16gb ram and a 1TB SSD for $1000 but would be willing to spend more on the newer 16 inch if it would be worth it to extend the longevity of the device much longer. I would hate to drop over $2000, but would think about doing it if seen worth it. I am a college student in the economics field but would like to teach myself some coding along with doing learning some video/photo editing. Opinions?

  7. I bought a 2019 MacBook Pro late last summer. Ended up returning it the next day and bought a 2015 13”. Best decision ever, but the new 2020 MacBook Pro with the new keyboard has me itching to upgrade lol.

  8. Can difficult and complex tasks be done with it?, Can it be used by professional programmers in 2020?

  9. There are only two versions of MacBook Pro 2015? 256gb with one graphic processor and 512 with dual? Which regular price for each? And is it big difference in productivity? Thank you!

  10. Great video ! Quick question though , I don’t really know too much about the specs of a laptop they always confuse me . I’m trying to look for the same 2015 MacBook 15” on eBay but when I try to make a selection I see i2 Duo , i7 , i5 etc . Here’s a photo to give you an example Are those specs for all 2015 models ? Or is each spec for different models , due to confusion which one should I go with ? I wouldn’t want to pay a huge amount of money for the i7 when I could’ve gotten the i5 or the i2 for a lower price instead. My preference mainly consists of nothing over $600 , crisp clear display (assuming that is what Retina display is) and for everyday usage , backlit keyboard, writing , photo editing , web surfacing, Nothing to over the top

  11. I m a cse student… I m going to use laptop for coding purpose…. will it be my full time programming laptop???

  12. I have a 2015 MacBook Air, how significant of a difference would this one be to what I currently have?

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