I bought a used 2017 MacBook Pro in 2019 – Worth it??

This is a comparison review of the 2017 and 2018 MacBook Pros.

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1. Canon 70D:
2. Panasonic G7:
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6. 2015 iMac:
7. Bose QC25 Headphones:
8. Divoom Timebox Speaker:
9. Limo Studio Lamps:

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43 thoughts on “I bought a used 2017 MacBook Pro in 2019 – Worth it??

  1. Would you recommend buying a 2017 over the 2020 for someone that’s using it for photoshop and coding? Money have been my hold up with buying one but I need a laptop, would you recommend waiting to get a newer one or would a 2017 saffice?

  2. I would say no, probably not worth it. Those had awful throttling issues and you can’t upgrade anything. I’m going to stick with the 2015 until I can’t anymore.

  3. I'd take some 800/1200/1600/2000 grit sandpaper to that mark on the cover, but that's just me. Try a spot on the bottom first so you know it's safe. Make sure to use water too. Especially on the higher grit sandpaper.

  4. It doesn't make sense. People spend over $1000 every year on a laptop. People dying in the world of hunger and thrust and people just want the newest things to show off.

  5. Hi. I bought a secondhand 2017 last year with the 256gb drive and was told it can’t be upgraded, you said here it can, I really hope it can. Is it possible? Thanks

  6. i bought a 2017 15 inch and the battery only lasts about 2 hours and the temp gets as hot as 159 are these things normal?

  7. I've never paid more than $400 for a Mac since 1993. Always bought used. The only time I get another one is when it can't upload a new operating system. I have a slug of old computers that all work fine, bit can't work on new systems. Apple is like a tank.

  8. I'm late to this video. I need an apple laptop for video editing and special effect (like Premiere and After Effects). I would prefer a newer computer but its expensive. I'm eager to try the Macbook Pro 2017 or older because of the price. Is it still good in 2020?

  9. I just bought one for $1350 on Friday! I love it!! It has very little use and is plenty powerful for what I do.

  10. The only dongle I carry is a can of compressed air. I have the 2017 keyboard and constantly have sticky keys but a quick shot of air always frees up the key. This is the only issue that keeps me from recommending the MacBook to my friends. I tell them to buy a PC. Cheaper and more powerful.

  11. Macbooks are great in general but this iteration has been less less stable. Namely the keyboard, and the Touch Bar is nice but definitely irrelevant. I'd wait for the next iteration with the scissors keys and physical escape button like the 16 inch. Still an amazing system nonetheless.

  12. Great review. I have a 2010 pro. It works well. Sometimes an issue but for the most part is pretty quick. Apple support say's better to get a newer one. I would get from Apple refurbished. What do you think? thanks

  13. 2017 MacBook Pro display is having a bad design and thousands are affected. Apple is replacing screen for free only for 2016 and not for 2017 MBP. @t › 13-inch-macbook-pro-display-backlight-service13-inch MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program …
    Long lasting MBP days are gone! Now they don't even last 3 years.

  14. I have a choice of getting either the 15" 2017 Macbook Pro (used) or the 13" 2019 Macbook pro (brand new) through work. I always liked the larger screen and currently have a 15" 2012 Macbook pro at home. The allure of getting the newest computer that has never used before is enticing, although I would be missing the larger screen and not have a dedicated graphics card if I wanted to do some light gaming. I was wondering which one you think is more worth it?

  15. I always buy my Macs used. The premium Apple charges in relation to a comparable Windows machine is borderline robbery.

  16. Glad I ran across this. I’ve been curious about this model/yr for my daughter who’s a graphic design student. I also didn’t want to spend too much $$. Thanks!

  17. No it's not worth it!! I hate mine!! The keyboard sucks. Eventually you will get crumbs and whatever under your keys. Look it up on youtube. Mine is making a clicking noise here and there. Not from audio playing either. The battery DOES not last 8 hours just surfing the internet. Maybe 5 or 6. I wish I had done a lot more research on this laptop because I regret the 2300.00 spent on it!!

  18. I just bought a 2017 128GB base Model for $400 off Facebook Marketplace. To my surprise, when I checked the serial number, it has Apple Care+ until Sept. 4th, 2021! I'm using it right now.

  19. planning on getting a 15 2017 model with rx 560 to upgrade from my 2017 13 MacBook Pro base model think its a better decision over the 2019 13 base model MacBook Pro

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