I Bought a Retina MacBook Pro for $350

This is a 13″ Late 2013 MacBook Pro, and I picked this one up for just $350. For a MacBook Pro under $400, this thing kills. For students, writers, or people looking for a cheap macbook for productivity tasks, this works very well. While I wouldn’t expect you will be able to find a cheap MacBook Pro that costs this little, these late 2013s can be found for about $550 pretty reliably, which isn’t too bad for a Retina MacBook Pro

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20 thoughts on “I Bought a Retina MacBook Pro for $350

  1. I have the 8GB version of this and it still works pretty well. Does it do 4K video editing? No. But… it will handle 1080p with light corrections and a few titles and effects in FCPX like a champ. Web browsing is still a joy, and typing papers is almost a treat with the great keyboard, the display still looks good years later, and it also does simple projects in Logic well. If anyone can find this computer at a 500ish range, in my opinion it is a better buy than the 2020 Air, because you’re still getting a fully supported macOS experience, and you’re being limited by an old CPU and not choked to death with a great processor that you can’t fully use because there is no real cooling solution. Not to mention, all the great f**king I/O. At about half the price, I would argue this is a better value.

  2. I'm looking for a laptop which I can suffer the web with, do light gaming, etc. I like 2010 – 2015 macbooks because they're very quirky and cool. Stuff like force touch, light up apple logo and keyboard, magsafe. So should I get this or a 2015 macbook pro?

  3. Hey Luke this is Khadija from Pakistan! I would like to know if you sell these MacBooks. If yes please share where I can buy it. For the videos you are doing a great job! I have learnt a lot about MacBook Pro in past few weeks.

  4. Got myself a great condition Retina MacBook pro late 2013 13" for just 110 USD. 8gb RAM, 256 ssd. Happy as hell!

  5. I have the same MacBook pro retina which I bought directly to users in 2015 for $700 in perfect condition like new. And I have successfully upgraded to the cheapest M.2 NVME SSD this week.

  6. im buying a early 2013 15 retina MBP 2.4ghz quad core i7 256gb flash 16gb ram for $300 is that a good deal?

  7. Greetings…..I’m about to buy a Late 2011 MacBook Pro Pre-Retina, the owner already upgrade the hard drive 1Tb, it have 8 Gb of ram, it is possible to upgrade it to 16 Gb of Ram?

  8. Which is more better for students Macbook pro 2013 or Macbook Air 2018? ☺️ thank youu for helping me 🥰🥰 Please i need your comments 💙🙏

  9. I literally bought a retina late 2013 15 MBP for $325. Seller also forgot to mention it had the highest i7 at 2.6ghz for the model plus 16Gbs of ram. Amazing machine!

  10. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I followed your shopping advice and picked up a fully speced out mbp 15” for $210

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