HOW to UPGRADE your MacBook Pro! (Mid 2015)

Since I started Gig Logging. My Mac quickly filled up. I’ve had this MacBook Pro Mid 2015 for some time now. I didn’t have the budget at the time when I made this purchase to get a bigger storage so I settled with the base model with 250 GB. It’s now 2019 and an UPGRADE is necessary. Let me know down below in the comments section if you want to see me Upgrade my 2010 MacBook Pro. Hope you guys enjoy this video. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to Subscribe for more contents like this and more Weekly Gig Logs!!!!!!



– MacBook Pro 2015
– GoPro Hero 7 Black


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22 thoughts on “HOW to UPGRADE your MacBook Pro! (Mid 2015)

  1. If I have an early 2015 Macbook Pro, but it came with a regular HDD (not SSD), can I still upgrade it to SSD?

  2. I tried to upgrade my Macbook Pro 2016, I brought a 1TB SSD NVME drive. But when I took the cover off, I didn't see the 256GB SSD; strange.

  3. Not with standing the stupid questions about memory, I too have a 15 inch 2015(by far the best Apple has made) with dual graphics – question to the maker of video – OWC Aurora 2 SSD causes sleep issues – have you had any sleep issues with the 2015 MacBook pros 15 inch dual graphics ?


  4. Hi man,
    I saw your tutorial and it's super good. I currenty have a HDD Retina MacBook Pro (Mid 2015), can I upgrade to SSD?

  5. I heard the retina 2015 can't be upgraded in some ways while the non retina 2015 can be upgraded easier.

    Is this true??

  6. For gods sake dont buy your SSD or RAM from OWC. Get it on Amazon or eBay. MUCH cheaper. The OWC products are rebranded products. I purchased a 256GB m.2.marked Lenovo out of a X Carbon for AUD$30. Its serial number was for a Samsung. m.2. I put it in a AUD$10 2.5" enclosure and installed it in my 2012 Mac.

  7. Thx fir sharing I keep running out of space on my MacBook Pro and I was gonna just buy a Beefy Deskptop but I may just upgrade the ssd

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