How to test ram for errors | With Guide and Explanations | 2020

How to test ram for errors | With Guide and Explanations | 2020

Passmark Memtest Link – Password in the video

Hi ! good Morning Guys
today i will teach you how to test your ram
errors using passmark memtest 86

what we need

1.memtest any version
(you can have mine- Link in the description
2.a flash drive with any size
(make sure you backup all the files
in your flash drive
3. a working laptop or desktop

so before we start i would like to explain
what passmark memtest86 can do

it can detect any errors happening in your ram
and if you are experiencing random restarts follow up with bluescreen effects ,

you check all of you storage devices , reseat all of your hardware in your computer , clean all computer components , check your hard drive life status , check for viruses and still !!!

your computer suffers from bluescreen
i been using memtest 86 since i found this for about 10 years , and it still works

so lets start !

first thing we need is to extract
the passmark memtest – again
link in the description

2nd plug in your flash drive in your computer

3rd open your passmark folder

then we are gonna extract the

Then Click ImageUsb.exe
i need to replug my flash drive because it doesnt appearing there you go

then in step one
just click the box on your selected flash drive

step 2 click the write image to usb drive

step 3 . browse the img. of the memtest pro usb for bootable devices

then we click write and wait until its finished
again you need to backup all of the files containing in your flash drive before you do this
then click yes

so now imaging is completed !

then we are gonna try it see it works so lets head on in the next step

Note: Again if you encounter Errors While Testing your ram i suggest to replace it immediately , because if not , your operating system will corrupt and your files as well , random bluescreen restart has a huge impact also in storage devices if not properly shutdown

Tip: If have 3 to 4 ram and you want to test it one by one
to verify which is which giving you a headache just leave one ram for test then try to test it for about 2 to 4 hrs

I Am Still Using this in my current field of work
For Selling Desktop Computers and laptop
Buying a 2nd hand Ram just to verify if i buy a perfect 2nd hand Ram
please watch carefully it will help you a lot =)
thank you so much for watching if you have any questions
just comment below thank you

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