[Guide] – Diablo 2 – Blizzard Sorceress

My Diablo 2: Lord Of Destruction Guide for a Cold Blizzard Sorceress! Learn about some various options to help increase damage and/or magic find including Tal Rasha’s pieces, death fathom, occulus, Spirit, and more.

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40 thoughts on “[Guide] – Diablo 2 – Blizzard Sorceress

  1. Didn't know that about monsters taking more damage as they move through Blizzard, thanks for the tip! I'm currently doing a Blizz sorc run on single player using only staves ^_^

    P.S. heard you're still looking for Mang Song? My throw barb recently found two, you can have one if you like! <3

  2. Magefist also gives regenerate mana 25% so not only you get more warmth but also more regen. I like to wear Magefist and Soj so you don't need to have mana charms at all. More 7% mf with def and 20 life 5 all res small charms.

  3. Despite the grime language and so much use of slang… I thought I did not speak English, til I met my "best D2 friend ever."

  4. Anyone know why my sorc does better with orb than blizzard? Is it purely based on gear? Granted the sorc is only 82 with very mediocre gear, (+4 skills, 350 mf) but I'm able to clear meph in hell p3 in about 30sec with orb, whereas blizzard takes a good 3-4 minutes. Blizzard does about 3k whilst orb dishes out 469 per bolt.

  5. I have a better question. Do you have a guide to a 1.07 sorceress build. How can u have so much into cold when you come across an enemy IMMUNE TO COLD IMMUNE TO LIGHTNING???

  6. Is it okay to use fire wall, blizzard and chain lightning with 1 point into teleport and some in masteries?

  7. Just came back to D2 after more than a decade. Currently playing on HC SP with plugy mode. Only after watching this video did I realise you could reassign attributes using alt haha.

  8. I will start playing again, haha convinced. It’s been more then 5 years.

    If anyone is starting again, send me a message, easier to party up and boost

  9. I'm confusion .-. why did you do that countdown-video introduction at the beginning if you weren't gonna cut the video?

  10. Honestly. Blizzard sorc > every characters in d2. Fully built 1shots anything no matter the resistance in hell mode.

  11. So, here I am trying out Ancient Tunnels with my blizzard sorc and I run into Mr. Bane Bang. And he's cold immune…

    All I've heard about Ancient Tunnels is that it does not spawn cold immune mobs. Anyone know what is up with that?

    Screenshot at the bottom. I realise there's no confirmation of the area in the screenshot since I'm using Plugy and the area text is replaced by some version text. Sorry, you'll just have to believe that I have no reason to lie about this and is genuinely curious to know if someone has experienced the same. Especially since I know MrLlama has run a lot of Ancient Tunnels and might have seen this as well.


  12. Bro how to contact you?I'm newbie btw…I found unique jewel after killing mephisto in hell mode and I dk where to socket it….sorry for the bad grammar I believe you get what I mean Lel xD (sorcerers user)

  13. I think You're making this harder than it has to be ^-^". I've never needed any special gear. It's always just been extra stuff I happen to have. As a main Ice Sorc you literally only need Ice orb…..no need to cast anything else. Put just enough points in the tree to get to get to that and max it. Any other points should go in anything that increases the dmg of that spell. I personally also do the Storm buff and put points into that after i've done all I need in ice . Cast the buff on yourself and just spam ice orb. If you have everything maxed for dmg and that skill maxed you mow down everything even in the ice areas and elites that have resist to ice. Nothing ever reaches you to do damage, no need for dodging, teleportation, or casting shield spells. I mean….you can if you want. But it's literally not necessary. Teleport for faster travel i guess…but you don't need anything….if you're planning on pvping than yes it'd be good to get stuff for your defensive stats but you still really don't need that much. Just enough not to get one shot because more than likely you'll be freezing or slowing people so hard that you can easily kite them out. Toss the little spinny ice orb…spin it i say! 😀

  14. I watched this video and saw you produce that bug where clicking an item swaps with another item in the upper left corner. I haven't played in 10+ years so this was new to me. I completely forgot about this and while playing the next day I saw it myself (and couldn't reproduce it a second time, doing exactly what I had just done). I have to wonder, how common is this if I see you do it and then go do it myself the next day. Anyone else know about this bug? Do you see it often?

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