Extracurricular | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

A seemingly model high school student leads a double life of crime in order to secure a better future for himself. But when his classmates find out, the stakes are raised and his secret grows bigger and bigger—until his mistakes threaten to swallow them whole.

Netflix Original Series EXTRACURRICULAR stars Kim Dong-hee (ITAEWON CLASS), Jung Da-bin (MY SASSY GIRL), Park Ju-hyun (A PIECE OF YOUR MIND), and Nam Yoon-su.

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50 thoughts on “Extracurricular | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

  1. Was kinda excited for this show. But it turns out to be quite disappointing. Doesn't make any sense…

  2. This drama is so good. Their acting skills are amazing and that just pulls you in more and more. I sort of dislike Gyuri, even though she's the only friend Jisoo has by the end. She's rather manipulative and a little too nosy which resulted in Jisoo's downfall (for the time being). The kid just wanted to save up money for college. But well, Gyuri being from a rich family probably doesn't understand that thinking it's all fun and games. I hope she'll help Jisoo get everything back, they better make her be super helpful in the next season.

  3. I'm stop after ep 2, the main female character is so annoying. I know it's for plot and such, and there's much more interesting scene in next-next-next episodes. I just can't bear with kdrama when I don't like one of the main character, feels uncomfortable.

    But if you're not like me, this drama is the real original and the whole acting & cinematography are amazing. Add this to your must-watch-list

  4. This drama is just so different from the typical korean drama (not saying other dramas are bad, I love them all). Even after you watch the ending it still lingers in your mind, from the cinematography, to the soundtrack and the story. I really love this kind of content where you actually get to think about social issues and even human nature. I'm not even sure If I want a second season, it kind of feels like the ending is what the writer and director wanted, to give your that aftertaste.

  5. Watched the first 2 episodes and can't stand it honestly. In 2 hours they had no satisfying parts, just frustration after frustration which gets tiring. All of the characters are non likeable lol. I'll probably stop watching but who knows I might change my mind later.

  6. i just saw the show yesterday and really love it. i hope they make the s2. the drama kinda have the same vibe as sky castle but much more darker. can anyone recommend me more show like this. recommend me anything even if it is not kdrama

  7. I just finished episode 3 and I already don't like Gyuri, I'm thinking I should stop watching b/c I doubt she will change her blackmailing behaviour. Everything else is perff though.

  8. This is one of the dramas that I would like to erase from my mind just to be deeply touched by it one more time.

  9. Wow what a loser the main character is. This show basically was directed to make all viewers disappointed and pissed off. Everything that Joosin the main character (who acts as an overly mentally unsound) touches, he always ends up making unrealistic stupid mistakes. He is not capable of doing anything except bowing to others. Maybe if the director can change the script a little bit, like either make Joosin jump off the bridge somewhere or go to prison and be others’ girlfriend, then the show might be more reasonably real.

  10. i am at 2 episode and i don't think i can handle this one, i have watched tons of kdramas with different genres but this one is making me have anger issues.

  11. I'm just saying that quarantine introduced me to watch kdramas after watching CLOY, Itaewon Class and now with this. Now I know why most of the people Watched kdramas can watch it within one day. It's the plot, the characters and the acting superb. Looking forward to watch more kdramas.

  12. 국위선양 부탁드리길바라며 코멘트 남기고갑니다. 박주현 알러뷰.. 아 아니 인간수업 화이팅

  13. I love this fucking series. It is like so good, so well written with relatable protagonist. And they seem real with their reaction and personality! They acting are well done, their script is like well, real too. Love this

  14. Finished watching this series for the SECOND TIME in one sitting again… 😭 final episode always got me 💔
    Again im amazed by their acting, cinematography, ost, plot and everything!!👏
    This is definitely one of my all time fav kdramas ❤

    Still hoping for season 2..

  15. I have many answers bc of the final like kitae just disappeared like that and also about Jisoo and Gyuri. I really want a season 2 😭

  16. gotta say this drama blowed my mind I just finished watching the last ep and I can still get over it

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