Evolution Of Commandos Games [1998-2019]

Every Commandos game from 1998 till 2019.
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This video shows the improvement of the graphics and gameplay through the ages of the Commandos games.


Evolution Of Commandos Games [1998-2019]

00:00 Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
00:59 Commandos: Beyond The Call Of Duty
01:29 Commandos 2: Men Of Courage
02:29 Commandos 3: Destination Berlin
03:30 Commandos: Strike Force
04:30 Commandos 2 – HD Remaster

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21 thoughts on “Evolution Of Commandos Games [1998-2019]

  1. Commandos was one of the reasons I really wanted a PC back in the day. I liked the second part the best probably. But my favorite game in this genre was Desperados, however. It was very similar to Commandos except much harder with a far smarter AI and enemies would permanently change their routes if they get alarmed. You could also pre-program actions. But I will definitely try to play the HD remake of Commandos one day.

  2. The real Commandos 4 is in the making guys, Kalypso has started working on it in their new studio, so excited to hear this news! 💫🎇 ✨

  3. Realistically they could of made a movie back in the 2000's back then with actor Andrew Bryniarski when he was young (watch the fight scene he's in with Cuba Gooding Jr. in "Pearl Harbor" movie).
    He could of been the Green Beret "Tiny"…

  4. 20 years ago I fell in love instantly with the Commando concept of every mission being inspired by a classic WWII movie. At the time for me, it was better than being in the movie myself. The funny thing was that this game kind of killed my mood to ever play another game again because I never could find one to come close to it. It was just like the whole industry took the wrong direction and I kind of lost all interest in games. Some say that Desperado is basically the same thing as Commando but I never felt the urge to even consider playing it. The other funny thing is that once I've finished Commando I was so fed up with killing that I felt I never wanted to play it again. And then, some ten years ago I found all three parts in one package for like 5 bucks in the supermarket and had to buy it. I told the sales guy:- Man, I used to play my brains out over this like 10 years ago. And he said:-Me to. I think I saw tears in his eyes. It was as if we fought in WWII together side by side. I played first two parts again and stooped at part 3 because I was disgusted to see they made it in the first person. And ten years later and covid and I still don't want to play it again but nevertheless, intend to keep an old Pentium 3 with Win XP handy for the rest of my life just in case I change my mind. The only truly magical game I came across in my life and a real piece of art.

  5. How they went from a tactical strategy game to a first person I will never understand. Great franchise though, I would love a comeback.

  6. During a level i remember playing those tough strategies. Wat an amazing creativity. This cus b made in latest animated form i guess.

  7. Oh Dear! This game brings back so many childhood memories! 😢 We use to play this one and Midtown Madness cops and robbers Multiplayer during 2001-2003! I know those days will never come back but I have a lot of memories to cherish! 🙂🙂

  8. Que juegazo, una lastima que los creadores no sabìan que la historia oficial ha sido tergiversada y ellos han peleado ante el enemigo equivocado, como dijo el mayor general condecorado Estadounidense, el general Patton. Sino no hubiesen puesta tanto empeño, de hecho, hubiesen hecho algo que termine en la nada, pero con honor. La historia la cuentan los "vencendores"

  9. Desperados DoA became famous earlier than Commsndos. The former game is the father of the later one !

  10. with this Coronavirus shutdown, I went again through each and everyone of the commandos games.
    Man… what a good franchise.

    The best Commandos from my point of view is: C2: Men Of Courage.

    The hardest Commandos: Beyond the line of Duty (but the last 5 missions from Behind Enemy Lines were glorious)

    I didn´t like Commandos 3 that much. Although I enjoy playing it.

    Favourite mission from all Commandos: CASTLE COLDITZ.

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