Diablo 2: The Cold Sorceress (Class Build Video)

The cold sorceress is one of the most flexible builds as it does not require heavy skill point investment, allowing you to pick up a second element of your choice to deal with cold immunes. Additionally, it is the most effective build to magic find with due to its high single-target damage against bosses.

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21 thoughts on “Diablo 2: The Cold Sorceress (Class Build Video)

  1. Why did you went through the energy build, investing this lot amount in energy instead of life and not using energy shield? Anyways, nice build vídeos, thanks for the infos!

  2. I on the other hand use triple build. Max lightning, spare points go into Warmth, Inferno, Fire wall, Fire Mastery – single point and single point frozen bolt, ice blast, and cold mastery + Snowclash belt,

    This gives me with all +skills about 4k fire damage and 500 blizard dmg along with up to 40k light dmg. Resistances capped with 90% cold res, 2,7k hp with CTA, and 117 FCR thanks to caster amulet. Immunities can suck my hairy balls. 🙂

  3. One of the few legit ice builds I use to basically do this but with lightning instead. You really don't need fancy gear for ice tree. Most of the time in PvE you just mow everyone down with orb and you rarely get hit if you're paying attention. Pvp you might need better gear just so you don't get one shot but then it's just a matter of kiting ^^". Great vid!

  4. Honstly i must disagree with the shield… I feel sanctuary shield.. Ko_ko_mal is much better made in a trolls nest. Gets max block with not so much dext.. Yea u lose the skills added (2) but you get mad rez and max ctb

  5. The items are for orb/blizzard max dmg, rather use vipermage and frostburn and run energyshield with coldbuild, merc with reapers toll can kill champions and you should run areas wirh less cold immune
    Its fun and very strong/survivable and has option for as you showed hybrids, but then use occulus and shako or a tiara 2sorc fcr….
    For this costs you got there you get kickass lightning too.. no immunes pure es build, high fcr, res/block no big deal but can be maxed too
    I used ice build for mephisto mf runs only and this gear is dirt cheap

  6. Very nice, Nexius. I've been running a Blizz sorc build with a significant magic find focus; the build came from LlamaSC's suggestions, and I like it a lot. But dang – the cold immunes are a pain, esp when there are just crowds of them. Of course I don't have some of the uber Ladder-only stuff that would make this easier, but still, my merc sometimes takes forever to deal with cold immunity. I accidentally wasted one of this character's respecs (doh), I think I'll keep her where she is for now. I am considering starting a character on ladder and the second build you showed (Blizzard w/ the four synergies and fire wall) has me practically convinced that it's the way I'll go. It would be so nice not to have to worry about cold immunes! 🙂 Thanks for this vid, you're great at this and I'm very much looking forward to watching the rest of your content.

  7. Umm… Where do you get all the skills points to do this? I mean even with the side quests you wouldn't get as many skills points that you pointed out using. I just need help since I started playing again and my gear is shot. I have maxed out orb, ice bolt, and cold mastery, point into the requirements to get to orb, 1 point into telekinesis, 1 point into static field, 1 point into teleport, and 7 points into warmth, and I am a level 80. Do right now 454-462 dmg.

  8. You are dead wrong about Ormus Robes giving a bonus to FO. Ormus Robes can only give a bonus to skills unlocked at level 24 or lower. In other words, it is not possible to get a bonus to FO, Frost Master, Fire Mastery, Lightning Mastery and Hydra.
    For FO I would suggest either ES or to a secondary attack skill.

  9. so i have hereoes editer but it dosnt seem to work with the newest update does anyone know if there is an update i could use or am i just out of luck?

  10. Hey dud , can you tell me if there is a way to add a decent mf to this sorceress and still be good for areas ?

  11. 3:05 Wouldn't any additional resistance piercing percentages cause the enemies resistances to be negative? So if they had 50 cold res and the cold pierced 150%, wouldn't that cause their cold resistance to be -25?

  12. if you don't have any room for loot [nor care for one], why bother to carry tome of identify?

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