Diablo 2: The Best Sorceress Build – Can there be one clear Winner? – Diablo Meta Series.

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Part 1 (Necromancer):

What Build kills Baal fastest:

5 Sorceress builds – Baal kill speed Show Down:

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33 thoughts on “Diablo 2: The Best Sorceress Build – Can there be one clear Winner? – Diablo Meta Series.

  1. Super underated item for Light Sorc is Crescent Moon in eth sword. -35% to enemy light resistance paired with Infinity on Merc and you are kicking ass. Same with Javazon, everyone is using Eth Titans when she works best with Thunderstroke that gives another -15% to enemy light resistance and additional lightning dmg.

  2. Best sorc I've seen at running 8 player Baal runs in hc:

    Dream helm/shield, deaths fathom, chains of honor, arach, Mara, sandstorm trek, magefist or Trang glove, dual soj. Swap call to arms.

    Skills 20 frozen orb 20 lit mastery, 20 cold bolt, 1+ cold mastery, 1+ energy shield 1-20 thunderstorm.

    If you notice in your melee build mobs often die from auras without getting hit so you can basically have a full frozen orb build that also does passive lightning damage enough to kill cold immunes. You can also switch to a passion for tanky cold immunes but it's actually more time effective just to wack them with cta over switching from inventory since most will die in 1-2 swings anyway.

    Best at chaos sanctuary is pure lightning with infinity and fastest boss killer is pure blizzard.

  3. PvP wise, es max mana fire sir. With best gear u can get 1.6k life and 6.5k mana with 95 percent es. On top with close to 50 life regeneration and 400 percent mana regeneration. U simply can't died unless u r noob.

  4. You ever made a video that utilizes the merc in act 3? In the old days i think that was the way to go for another element. Any chance you can make an attempt at that build. That merc can wear shields, helms, swords, maybe outfit him with two spirts for fast casting lol. I'm debating on doing it with Strait Fire Sorc, but i don't know. Probably a waste.

  5. Your guide was fun to watch but FUCK ME stop flashing your mouse so damn fast you can't see the items!! I want to know what passion does without exiting YouTube to google because you flash over it so quick also I tried pausing but your stupid kinda terribly placed text was in the way. I'm sorry but fuck it's so damn annoying. ALL Diablo guide makers are like that! Chill the fuck out with the mouse man! Other then that fun guide 👍

  6. I've played around with a few different sorc builds over the years but, even though mixed builds are very cool, I always preferred just sticking with one element. I'd say Light sorc with infinity is the best.

  7. I’ve been playing around with builds for the past month, trying many different variation of multi tree builds or single tree builds/ gear combinations and after many hours testing each build I’ve finally come to a conclusion. Fireball /Nova sorc with griffons, Phoenix shield and Eschutas. If you have an infinity it makes it even better! With this build I can go 105fcr with MF gear. The gear compliments each other very well as well. The Phoenix replenishes mana that nova uses while giving higher maximum res and -38 fire res to boost fire ball damage. Griffons gives you the much needed 25fcr and -20 to -25 light res to make nova powerful. Eschutas gives 3skill,40fcr and boost BOTH light and fire damage!!! With this build I can go anywhere in the game easily unlike other builds that are limited to specific spots AND I can put on tals 3 part set with charms I have 500+ MF or go damage gear with CoH/arach/maras and do 3min baal run on /players7. I prefer to go 3 part tals and MF mostly but I love the versatility and kill speed of this build. I highly suggest you give it a chance.

  8. As a baaling sorceress hiking to level 99, the best type to go with is Orb, especially on hardcore, because there isn't as much synergies to max it out, so you can put more into warmth and mana/energy shield to prevent your sorcie from dying too easily. I actually created a hybrid Blizzard/Orb sorceress that ladder season 2 back in Summer of 2004 during the race to level 99, because I knew that I was going to use it for MFing and Baaling as well as general PvP, so it wasn't the best PvP build, but certainly not the worst either considering I had a mercenary which had Infinity later on when it came out as a ladder only rune word. Check my FAQ on GameFAQs: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/197113-diablo-ii/faqs/37709

  9. frozen orb tschiu tschiu tschiu tschiu frozen orb 😀 what 1k life 3k mana ? guess on softcore u play abit different.

  10. I have the original Diablo 2 and no dlc…Also how dafuq do you have so much hp, mana and level 45/25 on each ability??? I'm like lvl 20 sorceress in Lut Gholein and finnishing the 2nd/3rd quest to get the horadric staff. Also what is that stuff in your inventory and why does your game look so diffrent? The textures and stuff….

  11. Nova sorc looks awesome I feel like I would need to download a bot to ever get the gear to make it work though

  12. If you focus on lightning skills only, how do you deal with lightning immuni? When you fight those monsters, it seems their immunity gets removed somehow.

  13. Any decent FO Sorc will use Glacial Spike during FO CD so you can keep the mobs at a distance where your FO will deal the most damage and keep your Merc save. If you are not doing anything while FO is on its 0.8 sec CD you are doing it wrong.
    And what a waste of damage by not getting CM to at least level 27.
    Enigma is also a complete waste on a Sorc.

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