COVID-19: Changi Exhibition Centre, one of Singapore's largest isolation facilities

You know it as home to the Singapore Airshow. Now the Changi Exhibition Centre has been transformed into an isolation facility with thousands of beds for COVID-19 patients, complete with robots.


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23 thoughts on “COVID-19: Changi Exhibition Centre, one of Singapore's largest isolation facilities

  1. Singapore well and truly live up to its promise. No ifs or buts about it. No discrimination on the basis of race, creed, colour, ethnicity, religion or nationality. Everyone is treated fairly. The living conditions are far better than we anticipated. Standby medical services on site 24/7. We thank you Singapore from the bottom of our hearts.

  2. High chance get infected again n this enclosed, bad ventilation hall.

    Only one fan per room of eight person. Where is Hospital grade air filter? We are not building
    a isolation area only, it is for recovery! How could one recover in this dense area.
    Common sense tell us it is not right.

    Is this Hall planner not given enough budget ?

  3. A lessons to Singaporean by covid 19. Dont be arrogant by your wealth in future. Singapore is only a small country n depend on outside sources.

  4. Hi CNA
    What do you think about freedom of speech in Singapore?
    2020 Press Freedom Index (World Ranking)-180countries
    s korea(41/ asia no.1)

    Wuhan took 10 days to build their emergency hospital!
    Singapore took only 3 days!
    Wow! Great Job! LHL and PAP !!!

  6. This is what I have been wanting a world class isolation or quarantine facility .. Finally this is what SG can be proud of and show to the rest of the world we are 1st world country… Well done, good job and keep it up…I hope CNA can make 45minute "On The Red Dot" documentary once this centre is occupied cos want to view the actual activity inside this facility and all the process flow …. This facility is huge and can be segmented into quarantine place for overseas returnees and stop putting such returnees in hotels cos its really costly and we need to work on tight budget …. Apparently entire world including SG has spent over multi billions of dollars on this Covid19 and think its appropriate for Govt to increase all tax to recoup all this expenses and GST can be increased to 12% in a year time and must tax more those high income earners … Since this Wuhan originated virus came from China as per ongoing report worldwide also can try to seek monetary compensation from China cos several countries are planning to do that and dont let it be scot free cos there must be accountability to this otherwise it can happen again in the future … Let us all pray for the well being and good taken care of our migrant workers and I am happy this far and lastly beside having 3 meals per day please ensure they got snacks in between and get them involved with some light daily activity ….We must always share our love and care for everyone in SG regardless of their background then God will bless us .

  7. So many foreigner workers without symptoms or light symptoms tested positive and some already have virus antibody, could it because of curry? hmmmmmm, let's start eating more curry today.

  8. Keep up the good work. All the best. Be safe. We want the country to come back stronger n be 1st in human rights in asia. We hope this lessons teaches the government to be inclusive all of humans in this land in the thoughts of public policy health care and most of all finances that it's citizens will prosper with jobs that older PMETs will have greater financial rewards.

  9. thinking out loud…the export increase in March..vs now the FW covid spread…is it worth it ? if we control FW in Feb …we might not need The 1 month extension…just hope we learned…

  10. What so fantastic! Just quickly settle the containment and let everyone quickly get back to work and continue their life. Just think if it is not serious to an extend, there won't need to build all this things & waste taxpayer money. For those whom said cool, if you're given a chance to stay for free, are you willing to go? Brainless nuts!

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