Comparing the 16-Inch & 17-Inch MacBook Pros! 😲 🤯

Apple’s new 16″ MacBook Pro has come a long way. How far? We compare Apple’s old 17-inch to the new 16-inch to see just how much Apple’s portable Mac has improved!

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35 thoughts on “Comparing the 16-Inch & 17-Inch MacBook Pros! 😲 🤯

  1. ..we need..only 17 inches macbook pro…plz mac..bring back it with hiend resolution with hiend performance for professional users…

  2. Watching this on my late 2011 17 matte display, with raid-0 SSD, and 16GB of 2133Mhz ram. works flawless!
    Even have Catalina installed on it, works perfect

  3. THANK YOU for putting those two sisters side by side yessss !!!!! Going strong and beautiful 17" mbp.

  4. If you upgrade the 2011 machine by adding 16 gigs and 2 SSDs in a raid you’ll find it scores much better for a cheaper price. Add a Mac fan app and you’ll even keep the got cool on the 2011 MacBook Pro…

  5. In 8 years from now we’ll see a super fast new 15” Macbook Pro vs the “old” 16” one…

  6. Glare screen. No ports. No F-keys. Less screen real estate. Pointless comparison. 

    Oh! It's new therefore faster? HOLY WOW I'M BLOWN AWAY!

    Watching this from my ancient matte 17 and I don't see my reflection. Apple doesn't give a flying poop about creators. This is just another overpriced toy to watch YouTube videos on. I could do that on just about anything.

    I've been waiting for someone to hackintosh a pro-level laptop. The wait continues, but not for long before I'll just have to use Windows and say sayonara to Apple for good. Pity.

  7. I stil use my 2011 Quad core 17" and love it. Of course the screen, power and battery life is never going to compete. Its eight years old. But damn, the keyboard, matt screen and ports make up for it. I've been lucky to have owned one for so long and will – like most – enjoy upgrading one day with a tinge of sadness that the mighty 17 is gone

  8. The 16" MBP does not "blow away" the 17" in terms of (1) key travel and (2) plenty of ports. Please spare me the arguments about USB-C being "any port" because that only happens with DONGLES. The new keyboard is better than the butterfly, so people who love the older MBPs might forgive the lesser key travel. But the lack of an internal SD card slot is NOT made up for with a stupid dongle that can easily be forgotten or even lost. When you need USB-A or the SD card slot in a pinch, right away, and for some reason cannot find your dongle, you see why the 16" MBP does NOT "blow away" the machines of old. So it doesn't matter if USB-C can become any port. If Apple added 1 USB-A, it would eliminate one of the most important dongles. And having the SD card slot internal means you don't need to worry about forgetting that external peripheral either. Folks THAT is what "Pro" really means. It doesn't mean "universal ports that can be any port" as much as it means "you've got pretty much everything you need built-in and don't have to worry about peripherals." If you don't have the ports you want and need built-in, all that performance, speaker goodness, and great display don't matter that much. And that, my friends, is the REAL comparison of the 17" and 16" MBPs.

  9. God I miss how laptops actually had plenty of ports. If anything just give us at least an SD card reader! That’s the one functionality that can’t be replaced by USB-C like other ports can be

  10. Going to need the latest but in a 17" haha. I need more screen real estate for designing. My current 17" can hardly fit the canvas sizes I work with haha

  11. trolls? The 17in wasn't a decade ago that was at the end of 2011 so 8 years. the 16in is nothing but the regular 15.4 inch with a slightly less bigger bezel and it's not even edge to edge , it's not 16 in either it's 15.8 so they're almost the same size. Compare to the 2019 15.4 inch or the 2018 model then we can talk. You comparing this to an old quad core makes no sense.

  12. Is this really a comparison 16in dominates. Barely smaller then 17in and 2012 laptop vs 2019 is huge comparison as the 2019 laptop is probably 4 times faster

  13. I can't believe Apple only updated this year the 15 inch MacBook Pro.. ???? WTF?? What about the 13??? The now 16inch MBP is too big I can't believe they made it bigger. I want the same specs on the 13 or 14 inch MBP

  14. Just shocking how little we achieved in a decade, apart from losing 10 things that Tim “One Less Thing” took away every year (magsafe, ports, mechanical sturdiness, keyboard reliability…) Your assessment that the price stayed the same is correct, but seeing how much we (comparatively) got less is just stunning. Yes, twice the CPU power (that according to Moore’s law should have been accomplished in late 2012) And yes, the stunning TouchBar.
    Just guess how much of the premium price we pay goes into warrantee returns and repairs, handling, provisioning, and handling queues of “only a few” impacted by inadequate build quality.
    I don’t know who’s responsible for this catastrophy (of course I do…) but they should be ousted today.
    If the rumor ithat they STILL sell these fluffy instable keyboards willingly, is right of course

  15. Can you imagine how powerful an updated 17ich MacBook would be if it had the same dimensions and io but the latest comments

  16. its crazy how an iPhone XS or an iPhone 11 series phone matches the CPU performance of the 17" MacBook Pro (in Geekbench)

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