Commandos 4: Strike Force – Full Playthrough (PC – 1080p 60fps)

A full playthrough of Pyro Studios’ Commandos: Strike Force, published by Eidos Interactive, and launched for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Microsoft Windows. Done on Windows, recorded with Bandicam and edited with MAGIX VEGAS Pro 14.

Essential improvements:

Mission 1 – “Behind Enemy Lines” – 0:23
Mission 2 – “Betrayal” – 8:38
Mission 3 – “A Traitor?” – 20:24
Mission 4 – “Under Their Noses” – 29:02
Mission 5 – “Resistance” – 32:23
Mission 6 – “A Cold Reception” – 1:15:39
Mission 7 – “Cat’s Eyes” – 1:27:31
Mission 8 – “White Alamo” – 1:38:59
Mission 9 – “Trapped” – 1:53:10
Mission 10 – “The Wolf’s Den” – 2:12:33
Mission 11 – “Checkmate” – 2:23:23
Mission 12 – “An Eye for An Eye” – 02:30:07
Mission 13 – “Panzers!” – 2:51:33
Mission 14 – “Defend Our Mother Russia” – 3:02:45


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36 thoughts on “Commandos 4: Strike Force – Full Playthrough (PC – 1080p 60fps)

  1. commandos Pyro and Eidos, sold their soul for the ww2 FPS shooter market of the time. commandos 4 could've kept the style of the earlier ones, and maybe addeds some eye level first person shooter elements. but instead went with this atrocity.

  2. What a joke on Resistance mission, if you already disable the alarm at the bordello at the first place, the alarm won't even make any noise to alert the Nazi.

  3. this game is far better than battlefield and call of duty at the time. too hard though. why cant we play battlefield titles with AI bots just like in single player. they can script the movement depending on the situation given .

  4. nice that you provided a full playthrough, you just played the game like cod not how it's supposed to be played

  5. It brings sweet memories to watch this gameplay, unfortunately you played this game completely wrong way, this is not some stupid Call of duty or Counter strike. This game is a silent and secret action, not a vulgar 1st person shooter. Every true fan (I am one of them) of whole Commandos series knows 4 main things: 1) play every mission on hard difficulty 2) clean whole map – it means kill every enemy 3) play every mission without activating alarm 4) accomplish each task/objective in the itinerary

  6. First played this game years ago but the nostalgia got me back into it.Just started it again today and I'm almost at the end 🙁

  7. Nice lets play but there is really no reason to kill so many Germans in Resistance mission you are undercover so you should kill when you have no choice

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