CAT GUIDE! | Cat Info & Variants| Minecraft 1.14 – Village and Pillage

Cats are an upcoming Village and Pillage feature. THEYRE AWESOME! This video serves as a guide to these new creatures. I go over everything we know so far about the cats. This video was recorded in the 18w44a snapshot on Java Edition, but the information is the same for Bedrock Edition. What cat is your favorite?

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27 thoughts on “CAT GUIDE! | Cat Info & Variants| Minecraft 1.14 – Village and Pillage

  1. U just made my day when I saw this vid now I will do everything to care for them

  2. I have a panther cat irl and I’ve been trying to get one in minecraft but I didn’t know they spawned in witch huts 😭🤣

  3. 🥺 so cute I can't look at it it's so cute I wish I can have them and Dad Kitty is so cute ey21

  4. Oh my gosh there's so many YouTubers I can the song Manny enchant do so many subscribes why

  5. Do you know I can't play Minecraft because it's 10 some money I'm sorry I can't because the diamonds they're different I'm so so sorry because I can download it

  6. Is 10 cats what name does it have the 10 cats what name I don't know do you know do you name them already on

  7. When he slept with the cat with him he didnt notice the string the first time XD

  8. Yesterday, I accidentally killed my friend’s cat (she has had for 6 years). She refuses to talk to me and I guess this is the end of a friendship. There are no more villages in her world, so any advice would be much appreciated. Is it even possible to find another?

  9. I left my game on overnight so my villagers would continue to breed and I woke up to my game running really slow and I have hundreds of cats. I might actually have to start killing some because my game is kind of unplayable with all these cats.

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